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TWEED Jacket/Blazer

the Kennedy Brothers

Fall is on its way, fellas! So I decided to bring back some old school flavor for you all.  The tweed jacket/blazer is an excellent piece to keep you looking sharp, warm & up-to-date for fall 09 season.  Like most you all know, tweed jacket/blazer is a classic piece that is an unfinished woolen fabric with a flexible texture.  I’m sure most of you still have the ones that your father or grandfather wore back in the days. You can tell that The Kennedy brothers knew what was happening when it came to fashion.

J Crew Blazer

Here we see a charcoal tweed blazer by J.Crew worn with a nice mustard color v-neck sweater, crisp white shirt, a charcoal colored tie and a pair of washed up jeans. All appropriate items for the fall.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - FW09

For his fall 09 collection, Marc Jacobs decided to change the rules a little and I think it works just fine. On the left, we see a tweed jacket worn with a pair wool pants. And on the right, we see a tweed blazer worn with a pair of jogging pants, yes, people! Jogging pants! It’s slick, comfortable & most definitely, dope in my book.

Robert Redford - Tweed Jacket

I guess we don’t need Robert Redford’s approval to go & cop ourselves a tweed jacket/blazer for the fall anymore. By the time you know it, you’ll feel fresh & wonderful!


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