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Rad Retailers! Top 10 Crème de la Crème Pt. 1

Just as the title says, here are a few retailers who have all you need, at all price points.  Now for some of you, these maybe no brainers but you would be surprised how many times I am asked by even the most hip of fashionistas, “Where should I go to buy..?”  Of course once I respond, I am quickly cut-off by an “Oh Yeah!” Well now, head-to-toe, all occasion dressing has never been so easy!

Let us start at the beginning. We all love to think that we are getting the deal of the century and this is why even my most fashionable friends all flock to Winners. Here I do not need to go into great detail but if you have patience and tight personal style, Winners is that diamond in the rough.  I have a lot of friends who say they can’t find anything or are overwhelmed when they head there but my response is, “more for me”.  I especially love their liquidation racks where I have been known to find great designer clothing and accessories for as little as 99 cents.  “Uh excuse me, I saw it first!”

Next we are off to H&M where it is just as affordable and even more fashion-forward.

H&M Peter Gehrke

With designers the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli and now Matthew Williamson (making his second appearance) doing guest collections, H&M continues to be the go-to-retailer for today’s trends and in some cases, future classics (I have been known to put items down with the tag still on and bring them out three to four seasons later to give it a new life).

H&M Williamson-John Scarisbrick

H&M Williamson-John Scarisbrick

If you can’t find this season’s must haves (including beauty and for your home) amongst their weekly arrivals, you will not find it anywhere!

H&M Spring Cosmetics

Don’t forget to check out H&M’s Fashion against AIDS line, gotta love a company that supports a great cause!

H&M Fashion Against Aids

This season’s Matthew Williamson for H&M campaign features our very own, supermodel Daria Werbowy (Elmer Olsen Models).

H&M Williamson-Daria Solve Sundsbo

Urban Outfitters offers not so obvious selections; limited edition runs of brand name lines, an awesome lifestyle collection and enticing deals on sale items, 2 for 1 anyone? All that and an online shop make Urban Outfitters one of my top picks for consumer awareness.

What makes RW&CO. unique and incomparable?


As a growing Canadian fashion brand for him and her, focused on quality and leading fashion styles, RW&CO. provides one of the most enjoyable in-store shopping experiences. Innovative, comfortable, affordable fashion and accessories as well as an extremely helpful sales team keep RW&CO. as a leading Canadian fashion retailer. Keep it up! This is why we keep coming back!


For a store nearest you,

OK so you prefer your labels a little (OK a lot) on the higher side. Well Holt Renfrew is your best bet. Besides the bevy of brilliant design talents that they house for clothing, shoes and accessories, they also carry many exclusive lines of fragrances. Mmmmm… With one in almost every major city in Canada, you owe it to yourself to march down to Holt’s (as we fondly refer to it) and at least be inspired (oh and please drag him, your significant other, along). To be continued…

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