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the Halibut by Whispertown 2000 Giveaway is proud to announce the newest t-shirt from from the guys over at Yellow Bird Project* and indie fresh band Whispertown 2000. Whispertown 2000 hail from Los Angeles and are known for their tasty alternative country tunes. Playful anthems for good times and friendship, with the most creative and savory lyrics.

The Halibut, Whispertown 2000′s contribution to the YBP line is best paired with a glass of charity; in this case “Start in Streets”. Start In The Streets in a non-profit organization which was co-founded by Sophie Tweed Simmons, the enchanting daughter of Gene Simmons. The aim of Sophie’s organization is to keep the waters of Los Angeles clean and free of waste. The money which is raised through their organization is used to cover up the Los Angeles storm drains with catch basin filters, helping to prevent trash from flowing into our oceans. Each storm drain costs $3000 to cover, so the more t-shirts they can sell the better!

YBP has offered up 2 tees (one for the guys & one for the ladies) to be given away to 2 lucky yourKloset readers. Tell us what you are doing to better the people and community around you and the t-shirt will be yours! Don’t miss out on the perfect fashion snack to help you sit back and toast to a world so fine.

We love the snazzy Halibut design so much we even decided that it will double as our background for the next little bit. Hope you enjoy!

*Yellow Bird Project is a Montreal-based nonprofit. They work with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians.

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  1. Classy Gent K says:

    I’m a pretty busy guy, but even with my jam packed schedule and no free time, I always find the time to hold doors open for people.

    Now if that isn’t helping better the people and community around me, what is?

  2. i think that smiling and saying hello to people is one of the best ways to better your community and life in general! I know that i always feel better if when i am walking and someone smiles and says hello to me

  3. Cynthia says:

    Actually I’ve been doing Compost for the last 3 years now and re-distribute it to my friends, family and Neighbors… It is quite a bite of work! (especially during winter!!) but my Backyard is big and it allows me to do it!
    I also grow my own Veggies and share with my colleagues at Work..(on the plane!!!)
    It is so much more rewarding to give than receive..xx

  4. Went on my very first mission to Kenya last year and built 2 playgrounds…considering I never held a hammer or knew what a bolt was I did pretty good. The monkey bars were straight and the swings didn’t scrape the ground. I, along with some fabulous friends, decided to sponsor a 6 year old boy and pay for his education. Knowledge is power we say!

  5. I want to South East Asia for 4 months to help the poor children over there.
    Corruption and violence destroys the school system to the ground!

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