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What Do Your Colours Say About You? Plus Underwear Give-away!

Him: SHAN shirt and shorts, Her: American Apparel bodysuit and tube bra, stylist's own black underwear

Black Sensation

In the movie 10 Things I hate about you, Bianca says “you don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it.” I would disagree – sexy black lingerie can be worn just because it makes you feel sexy. The colour conveys elegance and sensuality, especially in lingerie. It is also commonly known as a flattering colour, which can be a confidence booster in the bedroom.

American Apparel bodysuit

Pure White

Representing purity and innocence, this angelic colour is a safe choice, and shows that you are more conservative. White is also a light, refreshing shade, and can help energize you if you’re feeling stressed or cluttered. Though wearing white will make you seem pure and wholesome, how fun would it be to show your partner that that’s just not the case?

Him: SHAN boxer shorts, HER: American Apparel high waisted panties

Seeing Red

Red is all about sexiness, passion, and love. Seeing the colour influences our behavior, and people who wear red are perceived as dominant. Wearing red can make you feel confidant and grounded, since the colour is associated with the base, or root, chakra in Hinduism. Hindus believe that the colour red helps ground and focus your energies, so empower yourself by wearing this strong and sexy colour.

Him: G-Star boxer shorts, Her: American Apparel panties

Soothing Blue

By wearing blue, you are seen as being honest, truthful and calming. And since the colour is the most popular choice of favourite colour for men, it can’t hurt to choose your favourite shade of blue. Blue is linked to the throat chakra, representing open communication, and according to astrology, the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – are attracted to the colour.

Him: Bjorn Borg boxer shorts, Her: Bjorn Borg Cami, Diesel lace panties

Floral Bloom

Wearing floral prints can be festive, fun, and adventurous. Floral is everywhere from ultra-feminine lace to bright graphic prints for both him and her. Fresh colours, like bright green and orange underwear, can make you feel energetic – and feel better about wearing the same conservative colours on the outside.

Him: Bjorn Born boxer shorts, Her: Bjorn Born slip, Bjorn Borg socks

Candy Confidence

This spring and summer, break out the colour! Wearing candy colours like light blue and pink projects confidence, character and playfulness. The bright candy tones of fuchsia, teal, chocolate, purple, turquoise, yellow, aqua, sapphire, blush, coral, and mint green are everywhere for the upcoming season.

Find the colours to fill your Kloset this spring, check out the links below.

American Apparel

Bjorn Borg


G-Star RAW


Photography by Steve Walls

Hairstyling and Body Art by Tristan Curwen

Models Samantha Sullivan, Jules Gaillard


We are giving away a pair of Bjorn Borg underwear to two lucky girls and two lucky guys this Valentine’s Day. To be entered in the contest just leave us a comment with the answer to this question: What is your favorite colour of lingerie?

Two lucky winners will be randomly selected from the comments and announced on Tuesday, Feb.15th 2011 at 1 pm

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  1. Sean Maloney says:

    Purple is my favourite colour for underwear!

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