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Warby Parker GIVEAWAY

There isn’t much I can say that the amazing Brian hasn’t already said. Low cost stylish eyewear frames? Yeah, I know I just re-caught your attention. Warby Parker was started by four dudes with one thing in mind: creating some handsome-looking frames that don’t blow a hole in your wallet. These guys are my new friends. All of their pieces are made of acetate and features anti-reflective, polycarbonate lenses. Only $95 for any of your favorites. I was lucky enough to get 2 pairs from Warby Parker., and being the amazing guy I am you can cop 1 of those pairs right here today by simply telling me why you need a new pair of spectacles. It’s that simple! (Make sure you are part of the Facebook group to be eligible to WIN).

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  1. boris besner says:

    I love glasses so much! I kinda having trouble getting my look right for now but with those, I would be awesome!!!
    Please make me win this!

  2. I’m a nerd inside :)

  3. I could really use those hip Warby Parkers to help me out of a bind. My last pair got broken in a phone booth while I was changing. My secret cover is totally blown, and need those to blend back into society undetected.

    Thanks for the help.

    Clark Kent

  4. i have had the same frames since i was 14, im now 24, and its about time for me to go in for an eye exam would be great to have these frames for my new subscription

  5. candalyn says:

    Those frames are sick!! my specs are over 5 yrs old. besides the fact i look like a lack of style dufus, i can not wear them cause the prescription is so outdated they give me headache. contacts bug my eyes so i walk around blind most of the time, bumping into stuff and squinting like an old lady. i can not get a new pair right now cause 1. in nursing school and i give new meaning to term starving student and 2. we all know how awesome our health care system is. so pleeease help a girl out. thanks and much love

  6. I need some fresh shades to rock at WMC and represent!!! :)

  7. candalyn says:

    ….oh yeah, i would love to rock the product and support this group of guys. i got a lot of respect for those who believe in their ideas and have enough balls to make it happen. follow your dreams!

  8. candalyn says:

    ok, i know i am blowing it up right now, but i just went to warby parker website, they give a pair away to someone in need for every pair bought? now that is awesome!! these guys give a great example that you can operate a business and help others while not being greedy corporate a-holes. good work boys, i am sure your mothers are proud.

  9. ‘Cause mine are all scratched and i’m broke + i would look awesome with these on my face!

  10. I was actually looking for a new pair of glasses, these would be the bees knees, not to mention I can afford free and can’t afford glasses otherwise.

  11. I have been looking for an unique pair of glasses for almost a year and I just can’t seem to find an original pair that won’t make me look like everyone else, these are perfect, the shape and emroidery is both stylish and casual.
    respect to Warby Parker.

  12. my kids broke mine.

  13. candalyn says:

    let me just say pleeeaaase with a cherry on top

  14. amanda aka jungleprincess says:

    why??because everything happens for a reason,and there is a good reason why i need them ,and you just don;t know it yet
    and i can rock them like nobody can!BOYAHH!

  15. candalyn says:

    / \
    / – \
    i pick that girl

  16. candalyn says:

    aww my arrow came out messed up

  17. Max Alexandre says:

    Because they are sold out on your web and aren’t on ebay. And I want to look good.

  18. Hey Liar Chris!

    why do I need these Warby Parker frames? because my first pair of glasses were stolen after I had (temporarily) left them in a Communauto car (and if I ever find the I’m-so-planet-lovin’ and eco-friendly-but-I’ll steal-your-sweet-glasses-if-you-leave-’em-in-a-community-car-biatch, I will…) Ahem, I guess I’m still bitter, but I will be so much less so if you would be so cool as to grant me these glasses! ;) And then I will no longer have to wear the cheap, all-scratched up and oh–so–not–hip pair from Cosco my mom bought me to replace my nice, stolen ones.

  19. i need them for my darling boyfriend. his current glasses are no longer the right prescription. when we watch a movie he has to pull the chair right up in front of the tv… makes it kinda hard for me to see the screen… with these amazing new glasses we will actually both see better! everyone’s a winner!

  20. candalyn says:

    so i have gone to the web site a few times and i made a virtual pic of myself wearing them. i wanted to post it up so you could see how the frames fit my face but i could not get it to work. anyhoooo…w/out sounding too conceded let me just say i do look pretty spiffy in them =)


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