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The HANGOVER Special Edition Giveaway

the Hangover DVD

The Hangover Unrated Two-Disc Special Edition just got their hands on a Special Unrated Edition of the epic comedy, The Hangover. When 3 best friends and a future brother-in-law set off for a bachelor party in Vegas, they don’t realize that they’re not only going to lose their minds but their friend… ohhh, what rufilin can do to you. We at, being in the festive mood we are, are going to be giving away the DVD Set to one of you.

This one is simple… tell us your best Hangover story, you know, that night that was blacked out to you until you pieced the story together by slowly being reminded of the completely insane things you were doing… yah, that night.

Best Story WINS. That simple.

Comment Below for your chance to WIN.

Hangover DVD Set

Hangover the Movie

The Hangover

Hangover DVD


Contest Closes 12/18/09 – 11:59 pm

*Terms and Conditions

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  1. Dear yourkloset,

    So this one night I was at a club on St. Laurent and I got pretty drunk. When i got home later that night I slipped while walking into my house through my garage and crashed into my Stairmaster machine. I fell to the ground and peed in my pants. I crawled upstairs to find my sister (my parents were away at the time) and she bursted out laughing. While she helped me shower and clean myself up (I was a real hot mess) I texted some friends the story. By accident I sent the text to a certain boy who will remain nameless and the next day I ran into him at Brunch (at Beautys…of course). His whole table, filled with mutual friends was laughing and one boy sitting there, who is my best friend who it was even worse yelled to the whole restaurant that “SPB SHOULD WEAR DIAPERS.” It was mortifying, however, I still eat at Beautys today and get to cut the lineup as well so beware.

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