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Skullcandy Headphones GIVEAWAY

I received a box filled with over $1000,00 worth of Skullcandy headphones last week. I was truly shocked, Adam really hooked me up BIG time on this one. Everything from ear buds to full on headphones, in every shape, style and colour. Its very nice to know that large companies like Skullcandy appreciate my blog enough to send me out packages to this extent. Funny thing is this was 1 of 2 boxes last week from Adam, I’ll let you see the other later this week. Being the awesome guy that I am, and not being a greedy sob I have decided to give a pair of headphones away. If your interested in a pair of the Skullcandy SK Pro, comment and tell us what are the 4 different pairs of DJ headphones produced by Skullcandy & why you can’t DJ another gig without one*.

* All correct answers will be entered in for a chance to WIN. You must be a member of the Facebook group to be eligible to WIN.

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  1. G.I.
    SK Pro

    And you can’t DJ with out them because they are high-quality AND fashion headphones! It’s like the cherry on the sunday, you cannot go without it…

  2. G.I., Hesh, Ti, SK Pro

    because who else can mix en route in-flight entertainment better than dj yul

  3. lazerfizz says:

    GI/hesh/Ti/SK Pro
    i can’t dj without these cuz my ears are too big!! these other companies make puny earpieces lol….i need bigger/better gear to launch rockets and scuds at crockett and tubbs!

  4. itsRyanHeadBiotch! says:

    G.I., Hesh, TI, & SK Pro……
    Attention formerly dominant headphone brands: The SK PRO has taken over as the headphone of choice for worthy DJs around the world, both current and future. Take heart, though – we concede the past to you. And no one can take away your memories.

    looks like i got beat to the punch, but whateve’s

  5. G.I., Hesh, Ti, SK Pro

    Can’t dj without them because they look cool and are sick high quality!!

  6. G.I., Hesh,TI, and SK Pro

    I can DJ another gig without them because otherwise I will go deff with my crappy headphones :3

  7. The Skullcandy DJ headphones are G.I., Hesh, Ti and SK Pro. I want them because I bet they have a flat frequency response, great dynamics, full fat bass together with sharp high notes; features every audiophile is always looking after. But seriously, I NEED them because aesthetically they kick Lady GaGa’s heartbeat headphones’ ass!!!

  8. The G.I. ,Hesh ,Ti ,and SK Pro

    boyAHHHH :)

    I can’t dj without them because well they are the best of the best and they look super rad.I always have to be styling hehe

  9. I love the little wood buds. And I could really use some right now .

  10. G.I., Hesh, Ti, SK Pro

    i just copied from the folks above me who know more than i do.

    i could use some new headphones cause my kids keep breaking mine. ive gone through 3 pair with three kids. im now just rocking a shitty pair from westjet. if i won these they’d be off, kid, limits. :)


    I need some funky fresh headphones to rock out in the booth…I want to make people ask “what kind of headphones are those? They’re soo cool” :) . Plus, I cud use a new pair since mine are nothing compared to these badboys!

  12. Haha, I’m sure everyone copied on my answers so I should get them!

    and because they are great headphones!…

  13. Lord Konstantin V Mustafaev says:

    If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

  14. Big Daddy says:

    TI , G.I. , Hesh and SK Pro

    When fighting Ninja’s, tactics are everything as Ninja’s don’t mess around. If you’re wearing these badboys, the absolute visual magnitude will throw even the most skilled Ninja off his/her game giving you that split second extra to deflect their attack.

    When plugged in, the audio explosion will melt your face off while simultaneously causing you to burst into dance freaking out everyone on the metro around you including the Ninja’s who lay in wait.

    DJing or not, Ninja’s are everywhere and we should all be able to defend ourselves with a head filled with quality sound.

  15. Nick Sharp says:

    SK Pro





  16. Big Daddy says:


  17. David Vilimek says:

    The four types are : TI , G.I. , Hesh and SK Pro. You have to have these headphones because it has a unique design that gives you you personality and has a lifetime guarantee!
    And because im the frst one to write this on this site on the 4-20, happy 4-20 to all!

  18. Jennifer Phillips says:

    G.I., Hesh, Ti, and SK pro Oh man I need these so bad, thanks for the chance but have my fingers and toes crossed for me. GLTA but GL to me most lol

  19. Jennifer Phillips says:

    I forgot to put why I can’t DJ without them!!

    It’s because mine broke in half literally, A big man sat on them and crushed them and broke them and I really need a pair now lol serious!

    GI, Hesh, Ti and SK pro

  20. SK Pro, G.i., Ti & Hesh

    4 reason why you cannot DJ without SKull Candy SK Pro, well that’s easy enough….

    1- Steve Aoki made them famous for DJs.
    2- You can crowd surf any crowd, no matter how small with these puppies around your neck.
    3- They will prevent whiplash when properly worn.
    4- They come in a wicked pattern.

    well, now some real reasons.
    1- They have a pivot.
    2- They cover your ear completely.
    3- They fold for easy carrying in record bag.
    4- Awesome!

    ez breezy

  21. Eve Gagnon-Complaisance says:

    1-SK Pro

    Why? Because the sounds are perfects!!! The look is perfect!!! They are the best that we can find, with a good relation price/quality!


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