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Jimmy Choo 72 Contest

Jimmy Choo 72

So maybe you missed out on picking up a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes at the opening of the JC Collection for H&M but you still have a chance to WIN some serious swag from the Jimmy Choo 72 contest.  Contest, you say??  Why yes, there happens to be a fabulous photo contest on from now until Dec 7, 2009, called “YOU, YOUR SHOES and 72”.

Elton John Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo launched Project PEP with the Elton John AIDS Foundation to support the funding of the Simelela Rape Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Their mission is to administer the vital preventative PEP medication (Post Exposure Prophylaxis, which can only be done within the vital 72 hour window after the rape) to victims of abuse, as well as provide the infrastructure for medical and legal support and counseling.

3rd PrizeZulu Purse

8th Prizebracelet

10th Prize Flip Flops

The prizes (above) can’t get any better.  The Project PEP capsule collection features cool and collectible punk rock motif print shoes, bags, and accessories.    Over 100 winners will be chosen to win products but the Grand Prize winner will get 7 pairs of shoes, 2 bags, and the Jimmy Choo VIP experience.   Even if you don’t win anything, you’ll feel like a winner just by buying items in the Project PEP collection since 25% of the net sales go straight to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which directly supports the Simelela Rape Centre.

Jimmy Choo 72

Jimmy Choo 72

Jimmy Choo 72

To enter the contest, upload a photo based on the theme “You, Your Shoes and 72”.  You have until the 7th of December to click away.   Just take a look at these amazing entries by Gibran Ramos (above).  They may be hard to beat, but it’s worth a try! For more information about the Foundation and the Contest, please visit the Jimmy Choo 72 site.

Jimmy Choo 72

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