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FREEZY T Shirt Giveaway

Our good friend Chris is a Liar of Truth of a Liar recently dropped this limited edition “FREEZY” tee on his site. Being the generous guy he is, Chris decided to give one away to a lucky reader. Chris and his man Drop put together the tees based on the fact that one of the worlds biggest rappers has just been sent to do some time in the slammer. Truth of a Liar decided to show him a little love by creating the limited edition “FREEZY” t-shirt release. Almost all sold out on the Truth of a Liar site, Chris put one aside for one of you to WIN. Tell us why Weezy find’s himself in jail and the reason why his jail sentencing was delayed and you will be entered in for your chance to win this dope tee.

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  1. Felix Beaudoin says:

    Weezy find’s himself in jail because he attempted possession of a weapon in the second degree.His jail sentencing was delayed because he needs to finish a string of recent surgeries for a dental problem before he goes to jail

  2. Weezy is in jail cause his bus had a gun on it! not even his gun! weapon possession! also, he had to have his gold teeth removed before jail- just in case.

  3. Lil Wayne is going to jail for gun possession stemming from a 2007 arrest in New York City. His sentence was delayed 3 times. The last time it was delayed was due to Weezy needing dental surgery prior going to jail.

    I want that t-shirt :)

  4. weeezy was put in jail for partying too hard, and he was delayed cause he was out partying.

  5. Although all of your facts are correcting regarding why Weezy F was sentenced.. you are all missing one KEY factory

    Yes Wayne was sentenced for gun possesion and yes dental work did postpone his sentencing… HOWEVER

    You have all missed that the FINAL postponement was due to a FIRE in the basement of the courthouse where the sentencing was due to take place on the day of the sentencing!

    dont believe me?? see for yourself

    YK get at me with that T!!!!!

    Great contest too

  6. you are all wrong. weezy is in jail because he was being awesome. the sheer magnitude of his awesomeness was just too much for New York state to handle so they were all “fuck this guy, he needs to stay here for a little while to let some of his awesomeness rub off onto us”.

    the reason he was arrested is of no importance

  7. Lil Wayne is going to jail for a year after being charged with weapon possession in NYC.

    Lil Wayne;s sentence was delayed because he needs dental surgery which was part of many surgeries needed to fix a dental problem he had.

  8. Robert Abooey says:

    I have 2 guesses

    1. He find’s himself in jail because he is still a thug from the hood. His sentencing was delayed so many times because he has cash.

    2. He find’s himself in jail for public ugliness. His sentencing was delayed so many times because he has cash.

    I wear an XL

  9. he went to jail so that they can come up with a t-shirt about people freeing him and give one away on

    my call is publicity scam

  10. His sentence came from a weapon possession charge several years ago. His first court date was canceled due to a dental appointment he had, and the second due to a fire in the courthouse.

  11. WEEZY F BABAY went to jail caus at one of his shows in New York City, cop smelled weed comin from his trailer. Because of this, they searched the trailer and found a pistol stashed in a Louis Vuitton handbag.

    The sentencing was delayed twice, once for dental work weezy needed done, and the other time because the courthouse was on fire due a problem with the boiler room.

    ya digg??


  12. he was sentenced for gun possession and yes dental work did postpone his sentencing.

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