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Christmukah Giveaway Day 6: Wet Cement

Wet Cement - Leave Your Mark

Each person is faced everyday with the choice to mold something beautiful out of life, or stand by and watch while the cement hardens untouched.

Wet cement clothing honors the extraordinary power and rare uniqueness of each human. The clothes are handmade, and each piece is custom-screened with images of life – just as it happens. The collection not only pays homage to the beauty of living, but also to each choice that has shaped the world we live in.

The images & prints from Wet Cement are made using 500-watt halogen bulb, and rinsed out in a bathtub with a paintbrush and garden hose. Each piece is then custom screened by hand so that each shirt is unique.

The name Wet Cement is a product of ingenuity. Every name the company’s founders, Andrew and Stef, came up with was taken. Even the name “TAKEN” was taken. They were extremely frustrated and said to themselves, “We might as well go play in wet cement,” as in, do something completely useless. Upon saying this, they looked at each other and realized that they had come up with the perfect name for their brand!

Wet Cement: Life is what you create – nothing more, nothing less – so leave your mark…

Wet Cement TEAL

Wet Cement ORANGE


Up for grabs today are 2 amazing Wet Cement tees, one for him and one for her. These tees are available in Canada for only their second season and their first spring. Get your hands on this amazing collection exclusively at before they hit the shelves nation-wide this February. CLICK MORE to find out all the details on how to WIN.

Wet Cement AVO

Today’s question is simple:

What are the 2 shows that Wet Cement previously put on? Check out to find the answer.

Please send in your answers to for your chance to win. Winners of the Wet Cement Tees will be announced Tuesday, December 15th . Remember, in order to be eligible to win, you must be a member of the Facebook group. If you are not already, click here.

And don’t forget to come back to for 5 more days of Christmukah Giveaways.

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