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Christmukah Giveaway Day 8: SIM MINERALS

SIM Minerals

At times, you don’t think about it, but it’s true that your skin absorbs everything; including your makeup!  Imagine, if your skin can get nicotine and birth control through trans-dermal patches, think about what your make-up is doing!  All that crap that’s in conventional products can’t be good for you.  Oils, alcohol, artificial colorants, perfumes, and added preservatives are not really what you want closest to your skin.  SIM Minerals is a premium quality natural make-up made from finely milled, pure mineral pigments, pharmaceutical grade, freeze dried vitamins A, C & E, and natural anti-oxidants such as Green Tea, Horseradish and Apple extracts to enhance, nurture, and protect your skin. Reveal your inner beauty with optical diffusing minerals for a luminous, lightweight, long lasting, and water-resistant complexion.  Unlike regular makeup, the longer you wear SIM Minerals, the more flawless your skin will look and feel!  Can’t believe it?   Just try it!

SIM Minerals

SIM Minerals

For over a decade, Lisa SIM, the creator of SIM Minerals has been as a professional make-up artist working with fashion, commercial, and corporate clients.  She is recognized for her creative, educational, and motivating approach to empowering women and to beauty. Lisa’s passion for beauty goes beyond the camera, with the belief that all women can look smart and beautiful everyday with “Simple. Intelligent. Make-up” that is actually good for you!

SIM Minerals

Now’s your chance to WIN the coveted SIM Minerals Powder Trio including: Bronzer, Highlighter & Red Absorbing Powder with a cult favorite, the Luscious Kabuki.  A retail value of $185.

Your chance to win:

SIM Minerals is featured at the same Eco-Salon that Ms. Lisa works at. What is the name of that salon? Click here for SIM Minerals Blogspot.

SIM Mineral Online

Join SIM Minerals Facebook Fan Page for exclusive events, contests, photos & advice.

Please send in your answers to for your chance to win. Winner of the SIM Minerals Powder Trio will be announced Thursday, December 17th . Remember, in order to be eligible to win, you must be a member of the Facebook group. If you are not already, click here.

And don’t forget to come back to for 3 more days of Christmukah Giveaways.

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