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Christmukah Day 5: Moose Knuckles

You’ve heard about the GOOSE, now we introduce you to the MOOSE!

Moose Knuckles is an upper sportswear brand that updates time-honored Canadian garments for the tastes and expectations of an urban market.

Moose Knuckles is born of Canadian heritage. From the nation’s obsession with ice hockey, to the country’s reputation as the class clown of the global schoolhouse, Moose Knuckles is ballsy and playful with a ‘no holds barred’ kind of attitude.

Designed to be stylish but constructed for the harsh winter climates found in Canada, Moose Knuckles speaks to those males and females seeking difference in the confection of their outerwear. Close attention is paid to detail, and the use of superior quality duck down and Ukrainian nylon lend to the over all allure of each style. The detachable hood with fox fur trims (much more eco-friendly than petroleum-based faux furs); complete the garment creating affordable, luxury sports outerwear. Of course, there is no mistaking their signature silver moose knuckles found on left upper arms.

The Ballistic bomber (inspired by the protective bullet-proof vest of crime prevention units) is the more sport model and their parka is a welcome update to the traditional expedition coat.

With a limited number of these coats being made for each blustery winter season, you are sure to stand out while staying warm. Be on the lookout because the Moose (Knuckles) is loose!

Where to buy:


Moose Knuckles and are happy to give away 2 unisex Lumberjack over shirts (1 man’s and 1 woman’s, approx retail value: $148 each) to the persons who compose the most creative sentence (1 sentence only) using the words ballistic and Moose Knuckles.

Your answer should be a comment in the ‘Be Heard’ section at the bottom of this post (all right answers will be considered). Make sure you are eligible (read our rules and regulations) and good luck!

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  1. Sabrina-Kate Eryou says:

    The girls’ Moose Knuckles drove the guys ballistic and brought them all to their yard.

  2. Philip Costa says:

    His jeans are so tight, that his jewels are ballistic moose knuckles.

  3. Eric Azoulay says:

    Brand new Mens black size large Moose Knuckle Ballistic jacket for sale, just message me ;) .

  4. Your balls’ll stick together in your ballistic Moose Knuckles bomber.

  5. Mike Lapointe says:

    I’m COO COO For Cocoa Puffs and BALLISTIC for Moose Knuckles!!!

  6. Nuds Swangsang says:

    Your dang moose knuckles are making me ballistic!

  7. Julie Beauregard says:

    Wearing so voluptuously this fabulous Moose Knuckles winter coat like the model would make my lover go ballistic!

  8. Lior Bibas says:

    The Moose Knucles Lumberjack shirts will make your mama go ballistic!

  9. Maggie Saleh says:

    Moose Knucle’s Ballistic bomber is ballistically ballistic!

  10. Maggie Saleh says:

    Sorry, correction…
    It’s Moose Knuckle (not Knucle)…

  11. Tatiana McIntosh says:

    I go ballistic for the sex characterstic that is the buckle on my moose knuckles.

  12. tatiana mcintosh says:

    I go ballistic for the sex characteristic that is the buckle on my moose knuckles.

  13. C.I.A ballistic(s) professional Kent Mooseknuckle traced the origins of the hacked-to-bits mighty oak down in old River Canyon – the lumberjack did it.

  14. Anna Lermer says:

    Be sure to dance like a ballistic monkey to attract as much attention as possible when wearing your super awesome Moose Knuckles.

  15. Yann Azoulay says:

    Was givin’ my girl the old moose knuckle and she went ballistic

  16. Ballistics came back from the lab; classic case of Moose Knuckles.

  17. I am trying to be artistic and i would totally go ballistic for the knuckle of the moose that got me feelin so loose!

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    Upon his return from the hunting trip, he asked his wife to make stew with the meaty moose knuckles and she went totally ballistic on him.

  19. Mrs Knuckles went ballistic when she was asked how her moose was doing.

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