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Christmukah Day 4: Mavi + 34 Heritage

Our good friends at reminded us of always hot denim brand Mavi Jeans and introduced us to new but experienced brother brand, 34 Heritage, which we proudly present to you this fourth day of Christmukah.

Established in 1991 in Istanbul, Mavi, Turkish for blue, embodies not only blue jeans and the universal attributes of youth, but also the vibrancy of the Mediterranean lifestyle – off hand elegance, durability and comfort through “perfect fit” and design. At Mavi, a perfect fit does not only fit the body, but also fits the culture. It’s not a stiff brand that you adapt to, but rather a wide range of styles enabling you to find the perfect fit that is most comfortable, creating the perfect look and adding to your personal style.  Awfully affordable, in my opinion, and very stylish, modern, urban women and men are sure to find a home at Mavi.

Available at Mavi stores in Vancouver and Montreal, and at

Mavi on Twitter
Mavi Facebook Fanpage

34 Heritage, is born from over 30 years of premium denim manufacturing and experienced excellence … this is no denim-come-lately venture.   The FIT is impeccably engineered for maximum comfort (sewn within the fabric of the jean, like a second skin) and ease of movement. Each stitch is studied to perfection; pocket placement is calculated for ultimate ease of access.  The fabric envelope is pushed to the limits; only the very finest, most exclusive blends and the softest cottons are used.  Washes are natural, clean and honest. The unique finishes are lovingly hand executed; the neo-classic styles, timeless.

34 Heritage speaks to the professional, savvy, on-the-go guy who is assured in his work and happy in his life.  He is a balanced person with a relaxed style and confident bearing.  34 Heritage has heart, soul and integrity … It is about looking great and feeling great from the inside out …. “Denim is part of our heritage … let it be yours”.

34 Heritage is available at select specialty boutiques in Canada,


For the ladies, Mavi gives you the chance to win a pair of Serena’s. The ultimate jegging, low rise, super skinny (Retail value: approx $88)

Name 1 of the 3 ways to care for your Mavi’s. Click here to find out.

For the guys, 34 Heritage offers Courage, a low rise, easy straight leg (Retail value: approx $150)

Besides Courage, in the collection section, name your fit. For all the fits click here.

Your answer should be a comment in the ‘Be Heard’ section at the bottom of this post (all right answers will be considered). Make sure you are eligible (read our rules and regulations) and good luck!

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  1. Danny Legare says:

    confidence, charisma (personally like the confidence, mid-sized, relaxed)

  2. Philip Costa says:

    My fit would be Confidence besides Courage.

  3. Eric Azoulay says:

    My fit would be confidence because it is about looking and feeling great comfort.

  4. Alex Shafter says:


  5. confidence

  6. Isaac Bellisha says:

    My fit would be confidence.

  7. Always turn denim inside out to preserve color and finist

  8. Anna Lermer says:

    Use a cold water gentle cycle on the washing machine.

  9. Jesse Cohen says:

    MY fit would be confidence

  10. Catherine Angelillo says:

    Turn them inside out when you wash em! :)

  11. florencia says:

    Use cold water to wash them ;)

  12. Bradley Bultz says:

    my fit would be charisma!!

  13. Lior Bibas says:

    My fit is “confidence” because it reflects how I truly feel about myself and it would probably look really good on me.

  14. Maggie Saleh says:

    Turn the denim inside out!

  15. Yann Ouahnich says:

    my fit would be confidence

  16. Marie-Helene says:

    Always turn denim inside out to preserve color and finish !


  17. Sabrina-Kate Eryou says:

    One way to care for your Mavi’s is: Wash denim with like colored items as darker washes may bleed into lighter items.

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