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Christmukah Day 3: GrisGris Factory

O Christmukah…O Christmukah…what have you for us today?

Gris-gris [gree-gree] – noun, plural – Protective charm, amulet or fetish.

GrisGris Factory: A Montreal design studio infusing exceptional jewelry design and anomalous aesthetic with international tradition and spirituality.

Founded in 2005 as an exclusive design studio for a small and enviable clientele, Montreal-based GrisGris Factory has grown to become home to a wide array of both local as well as internationally skilled designers and jewelry crafters. From traditional sketches and wax castings to 3-D computer rendering, GrisGris Factory uses the most innovative design techniques to accordingly compliment and respect each of its lines.

All gemstones are hand selected by suppliers with ethical-sourcing certification, and base materials such as .925 silver and white gold, are specifically chosen for their ecological accessibility and aesthetic properties.

While GrisGris Factory designs are now available online and at select boutiques, custom pieces remain a significant part of the studio’s offering. Made-to-measure orders for private clients who want to embody something with personal significance are always welcome, as are retail and charitable organizations who wish to create limited-run lines for exclusivity.

Looking towards spring 2011, GrisGris Factory’s new pieces are inspired by nature, both plant and animal life, flowers, insects, etc., with special attention given to making clasps and hinges part of the piece and not just functional.

One of two (2) woven leather bracelets with a decorative magnetic silver clasp – 1 man’s and 1 woman’s – can be yours (retail value $150 each) by answering the following question:

Designer Barry Richards says,” This work brings together everything I believe is important –…” name one of these four things. Click on the ABOUT section on their website to get the answer.

Your answer should be a comment in the ‘Be Heard’ section at the bottom of this post (all right answers will be considered). Make sure you are eligible (read our rules and regulations) and good luck!

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  1. Danny Legare says:

    …beauty, spirituality, creativity and the connection with other people.

  2. Philip Costa says:

    One of the four things that Barry Richards believes is important is Spirituality.

  3. Eric Azoulay says:

    Barry Richards believes that beauty brings importance to his work.

  4. Nuds Swangsang says:

    Barry Richards believes the connection with other people brings is important to his work.

  5. One of the four things that Barry Richards believes is important is creativity.

  6. Austin Fagan says:

    Designer Barry Richards believes that one of the things that is important to his work is, connection with other people. Because he has been able to produce his work with local artisans.

  7. Corrado Roberto Cerruto says:

    beauty, creativity, spirituality, and the connection with other people!

  8. Bradley Bultz says:

    I love this site sooooo much…..

    Designer Barry Richards says,This work brings together everything I believe is important: one of these four things is creativity…

  9. Catherine Angelillo says:

    Creativity :)

  10. Sabrina-Kate Eryou says:


  11. Julie Beauregard says:

    One of the four things Barry Richards mentions is: The connection with other people.

  12. Yann Ouahnich says:

    One of the four things Barry Richards believe is important to his work : Beauty

  13. Lior Bibas says:

    Barry Richards believes that four things bring importance to his work and one of them is beauty.

  14. Jill Edmonds says:


  15. beauty

  16. Creativity!

  17. Alex Shafter says:

    Barry Richards – Beauty

  18. Isaac Bellisha says:

    Barry Richards – Beauty

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