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On the second day of Christmukah yourKloset presents to thee… HIP AND BONE + WILDFOX COUTURE

Based in Montreal, HIP AND BONE is an independent clothing label that shows their appreciation for art and style through their garments that are constructed with high quality fabrics such as pima cotton, ultra soft linen & even calf leather. The label had the clever idea of carefully revealing truths that have been disguised by a greater power kept by the media, government, and corporations. Those truths can be found on THE ONE PERCENT graphic tees which are created by renowned artists. The SPEECHLESS, wardrobe staples, are another style of garment that HIP AND BONE offers and are available in  v-necks, henleys and hoodies.

HIP AND BONE has the affinity of randomly showing up at fashion and social events. Some people see it as a protest but to them, it’s their way to voice the concerns of a generation. The cool thing about the label is a purchase = a membership. You can become a member of the HIP AND BONE society, which gives you access to special events, their private blog (which requires a password) and an exclusive gold pin, that members can wear to identify themselves with one another. Exclusivity and concerns for the generations makes HIP AND BONE the name for truth, community and awareness.

And now for the ladies…

Knitwear brand WILDFOX COUTURE is leading a tribe of stylish starlets to the nirvana of glam and cool. With cheeky slogans sported on graphic tees, it’s no wonder that Halle, JLo and Taylor have all been spotted trotting around in the soft and slouchy tops. Besides having a cult-like celeb following worthy of a girls gone wild media coverage, we heart this LA label that is hot in style and not in austerity.

WILDFOX  COUTURE is backed by musician Jimmy Sommers and co-designed by Kimberley Gordon and Emily Faulstich, childhood besties, wanting to express their love for everything whimsy, flirty and vintagy. Replicating the effortless lifestyle of the land of sun, tan and beach,  WILDFOX  COUTURE designs quality clothing ranging from denim to dresses and accessories.

A stellar from their Black and White Holiday collection is the flashdance-esque “Young Heart” sweatshirt merit of a curtain call in hipster cool. Inspired by the Ying/Yang of life, this versatile top can be matched with any of your fave bottoms of sleek leggings, street-style denim or even a well-fitted trouser.

- Two (2) HIP AND BONE t-shirts
- A “Young Heart” WILDFOX COUTURE sweatshirt

GUYS- Thriving to create awareness, in HIP AND BONE’s Manifesto section, they feature content seeking-truths. Name three (3) countries where the Freemasons are popular. Hint: click on the George Washington image. [see here for the clue] + SHARE this article on Facebook and/or Twitter.

LADIES- Beloved by a slew of Hollywood starlets, name three (3) celebs that have been spotted wearing the WILDFOX  COUTURE Tees [see here for a clue] + SHARE this article on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Your answer should be a comment in the ‘Be Heard’  section at the bottom of this post (all right answers will be considered). Make sure you are eligible (read our rules and regulations) and good luck!

[Wildfox Couture was written by Candice Pantin]

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  1. Sabrina-Kate Eryou says:

    On Twitter (@stereoqueenbee), on Facebook AND three celebs are: Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

  2. Chloe Freeman says:

    Halle, JLo, and Taylor

  3. Nick Sharp says:

    freemasons are popular in Scotland, Ireland, US.

  4. Catherine Angelillo says:

    Good morning! Halle Berry, Paris Hilton and Katy Perry
    + shared on Twitter :)

  5. Philip Costa says:

    Freemason’s are popular in Scotland, Ireland and the United States.

  6. Megan Fox, Ashley Tisdale, Katy Perry! Fb’d & Twitter: /cassiescowcroft !

  7. Eric Azoulay says:

    Freemasonry is popular in the U.K, Scotland and Ireland.

    Posted on Twitter + Facebook



  8. Nuds Swangsang says:

    Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Dewie Driegan and Paris Hilton to name a few.

    Posted on Twitter.

  9. Isaac Bellisha says:

    Freemasonry is popular in the U.K, Scotland and Ireland.

  10. Jay Malka says:

    U.K, Scotland and Ireland.

  11. Yehuda Maccabi says:

    Freemasonry is popular in the U.K, Scotland Ireland and coming soon to Israel.

  12. Danny Légaré says:

    Freemasonry is popular in Scotland, Ireland and in the United States

  13. talia reboh says:

    jennifer lopez, christina aguilera, paris hilton and katy perry…. i gave you four names…. i should win ;)

  14. Jennifer Uhl says:

    Taylor Swift, Mel B, katy Perry

  15. Julie Beauregard says:

    Halle Berry, Paris Hilton and Katy Perry
    + shared on FB

    Have a nice evening!

  16. I just <3 Hip & Bone! Just bought my 2nd tshirt from them! got the "H1N1 Fear" tshirt, love the artwork and the super light cotton!!

  17. Twitter : @laristocrate

    Freemasonry is popular in Scotland, Ireland and in the United States

  18. Freemasonry is popular on most westernized Anglo countries but popular sects and underground organization is up to you to find and include in your statistical analysis.

  19. Love the Hip and Bone concept, its about time someone comes up with an original clothing idea.

    Kind of sounds like a movement!


  20. tweeted :) @suplove22

    wild fox is worn by a lot of celebs 3 are

    ashley tisdale

    megan fox

    vanessa hudgens

  21. 3 people that wear wild fox -

    miley cyrus, alessandra ambrosio, lindsay lohan

    tweeted about this on my twitter – @whatspoppin91

    <3 :)

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