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My FAVORITE Internet Shopping

When I am bored at work, I search the internet for juicy pieces that I long to own. I incessantly think about  them until I buy them or replace it with something else I want.

Ugh! What a ridiculous society we live in where consumerism is our driving force! But, of course,  I’m totally guilty of this fault. Anyway, internet shopping has become super popular, easy, and dangerous all at the same time, but here are some of my favorites.

Oxford penny loafers

These oxford penny loafers have become fashionable. My dad owns a pair of the originals, and I have come to realize that my father is quite the fashionable man.

I love them and want them super badly. They aren’t that expensive at $160. They are a little more than my bank account can support, but I may be able to find a way to own these babies. You can get them at opening ceremony.

Blazer is an incredible website that carries amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories (this blazer is from there). Yes, it matches the shoes and if you were to wear both you will probably be mistaken for a musician. Nonetheless, this blazer is fantastic and sells for 188$ on pixiemarket.  Get yours to look fly over the holidays (or to at least get my approval).


These wonderful leggings are super sexy and very “IN” at the moment.  I usually only went on the Victoria’s Secret website to look at bras and panties, but you gotta give their clothing and shoe section some major credit. These pants are from Victoria’s Secret, going for $88.50–not bad. Oh, and by the way, it’s my favorite time of year because the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is today. Watch sexy girls in hot little things strut down the runway. You don’t want to miss it.


I was frantically trying to find a pair of nice going-out boots for the winter season and, as my budget is very minimal at the moment, I decided to check out Payless. These booties are selling for $45; they are amazing, so go get your own in Payless stores or on


DR Martens : they really found a way to make an army boot look pretty sexy. These boots are going for $200 on They are amazing and perfect for the winter. You can wear them with a fancy outfit or a pair of jeans and trudge through the snow without completely ruining your shoes.

Alexander Wang

I have the Wang fever. As in Alexander Wang. He never ceases to amaze me with his ultra-chic attire. I pretty much want everything in his Fall and Spring collection. I probably will never own any of it, but hey, a girl can dream. This jacket is super cool with the cutout back and studs, and it’s also very sophisticated. Find it at

Alexander Wang bag

The bag is another Wang special. It is called the Diego bucket bag and is selling for $795 at I could literally post 30 more items that I want from Wang. However, I can’t blog all night, so check out Opening Ceremony or to see for yourself.

Be back in a few!


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  1. online shopping is hazardous to my bank account.

    Although I found a really amazing site which resells women’s designer shoes at affordable prices. If you’re not the type who minds buying an item worn once or twice i definitely recommend:

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