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Free City Dove

When I was in grade 10, my mother had bought me this amazing olive sweatshirt. It looked like it had been worn out and was comfy as hell, it had a goofy bird and had “LIFE, NATURE, LOVE” written on the back of it… Seven years later, (and EIGHT sweatshirts, SEVEN pairs of sweat pants, a handful of long sleeve shirts, some sweatbands, a pair of shorts, cargo pants and a pair of slippers) you can say that goofy bird grew on me and apparently many others.

Free City Believers Sweatshirt

I guess I come by my job honestly, as my mom was one of the first to spot the now widely known FREE CITY brand. It is the ultimate in California casual wear, L.A.’s equivalent to Lulu Lemon. Through the years they have updated styles, added new products and even opened a store in the Malibu Country Mart.


I do have to admit it is on the pricey side, retailing anywhere from $145.00 for a pair of sweatpants to $220 for a sweatshirt. The reason for the high price is that each garment is silk screened by hand, with some garments having up to 22 screens on it. It has definitely gained in popularity in Canada being sold at TNT in both Toronto and Montreal, but even more exciting for those not living near is that has finally added the entire collection to its website. If you want to know more about the brand check out their uber-cool and calming website.

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