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Two weeks ago, I attended the Zoofest, which is a Just For Laughs alternative if you’re looking for a comedy festival. The show took place at the Katacombes, a used-to-be hotspot in my younger years. Two comedians, Donald Glover and Jim Jeffries, had the job of making the crowd piss in their pants that night.

First up was Donald McKinley Glover. Well known for his role on NBC’s comedy series “Community”, Glover brought to the stage his stand up prowess in the forms of “GROSS”.

If you were used to American humor then you’d know what to expect from Glover. He covered social issues such as homosexuality, AIDS, rape, etc. The jokes were good but not solid. The crowd laughed momentarily and then total silence. The guy has talent but for the show to be called “Gross” he has to come harder than that.

Next up was “ALCOHOLOCAUST” by the incomparable Geoffery James Nugent aka Jim Jeffries. Jeffries’ first spike in international popularity came when he was attacked on stage while performing at the Manchester Comedy Store. The clip now has over half a million views on YouTube and well over 15 million views on multiple other video sites across the Internet.

What can I say? This guy was amazing. He was blunt, charismatic and an excellent crowd pleaser. The jokes were witty, quick and hurtful to the ladies (well, sometimes). The whole story about his paraplegic friend was hilarious and heartwarming. But the best part came when Jeffries went all out on a couple sitting in front of the stage. Wow! Instant classic moment!

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