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We Now Return to your Regularly Scheduled Progamming

Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar wins were crazy, right? And no, I’m not gonna stop talking about that until Hollywood or a North American director gives me something better.

I actually wanna start talking about resident sketch artist Roman Polanski and his new film “Ghost Writer,” which has been out for a week or two now. It won the Silver Bear in Berlin. Ewan McGregor lands on a ghost writing job for Pierce Brosnan’s character, Adam Lang, who has a boatful of secrets. It has the convoluted noir narrative of “Chinatown” and the absurd comic relief of “Rosemary’s Baby,” and a great cast. Olivia Williams (An Education) plays Adam Lang’s neurotic wife, and the girl should be more famous. As a whole I had lots of fun watching the movie.

But you want me to talk about Matt Damon. Fine, we’ll talk about Matt Damon.

His new film “Green Zone” doesn’t actually begin with him but in 2003, with a bald Iraqi man calmly getting a few essential things out of his office while Baghdad is getting bombed. Form then on is a cat and mouse game. Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) , goes to sites alleged to store WMD’s. When the WMD’s aren’t found, Miller goes then tries to capture the second best man who’s supposed to know where the WMD’s are – the bald guy we’ll find out as Iraqi General Al-Rawi.

“Green Zone” also reunites Matt Damon with director Paul Greengrass and Siamese twin Greg Kinnear who plays dubious intelligence agent Poundstone. Great acting ensues from both, as well as from the supporting actors of both American and Middle Eastern extraction. The film portrays the chaotic situation in Invasion-era Iraq, which means it barely allows a rest period.

The Graham Spy Theatre in the CBC building in Toronto also showed The Passionate Eye’s documentary about the Thrilla in Manila. Iconic phrase fitting for an iconic fight. Everyone looked skinny: Ali, the shoe-hoarding Marcoses. Which was great until the CD projector started skipping, and I hightailed outta there.

I also dropped by the Innis Town Hall at the University of Toronto for their Free Friday Films. They showed Hal Ashby’s “Bound for Glory,” a unique take on the biopic genre featuring the story of Woody Guthrie.

Coming out this month: Another musician’s biopic called “The Runaways,” featuring the early lives of Joan Jett and her first band, comes out on the 19th. Also coming out on the 19th on limited release is “Vincere,” a movie about Mussolini’s mistress. On the 26th, Amanda Seyfried will be starring in the titular character “Chloe,” sharing the screen with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.

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