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Until Next Time… MFW 21

Let me start off by saying, I totally enjoyed the 3 days I spent at Marche Bonsecours during the 21st edition of Montreal Fashion Week.  Literally the first to kick off the runway season globally, the week had many highlights, great new designer finds and just a refreshingly light atmosphere, a complete contrast to the usual fashion folk talking themselves (and for sure there ensembles) way too serious.

To the newer designers that I had the opportunity of interviewing, you are equally as gracious as you are talented. Simple people, creating complex things usually breeds a certain, I don’t know, eccentricity. Sometimes good but most often bad, this absence of humbleness can blight a promising career and hopefully you all maintain this fantastic level of class and humility which makes you all unique and intriguing. This can go a long way in our industry because being a bitch is so two decades ago and is not a trend I see returning!

To the organizers of the event, great strategy in moving the week before New York and the other major international weeks. If we would like to be taken seriously worldwide, we need to take our place. Often accused of copying our favorite celebrity designers, this placement allows us to see what emerging trends started here first. Maybe again 3 days instead of 4 would have been better because many already had it set that they were not attending anything on a Friday. Security and accreditation were much tighter and I did not feel like I was being squeezed out by a non-fashion professional. But, the week still needs some cleaning up with some of it’s talent. By the way, limiting backstage access also limits sponsorship coverage, just a thought.

To the more established designers who chose to not show during the week for what ever reason, shame on you! Our community is small enough and everyone needs to unite to express that. Yes I have heard that many are not happy with the Sensation Mode organization but then show off-site while still advertising in the calendar.

Some people that were suggested for Public Relations positions with designers should learn a bit more about their job. I won’t mention names but their behavior discouraged myself and others to not hold our interviews. Your power trip is bad, very bad for your clients!

Although many of the models made their debut at fashion week, you would never know. The caliber of the newer faces has gone up which in the end ups the production value of the shows. Going on the cheap just to show usually can be seen on the runway no matter how gorgeous you may think someone is. So to the models and their agents, great job!

I also observed that many who speak the loudest against many of the collections, do not even support Canadian fashion. This I think has to be my biggest gripe. How is our Canadian industry supposed to survive if only a handful of professionals proudly wear these brands. With the talent I saw this season, hopefully next season more will put their money where their mouths are.

Finally, if you followed my posts you may have noticed that we limited our coverage to that which we found the most interesting for you our discerning audience. We went this route because last season I was “deleted” for being frank. Good and bad criticism exists and I owe it to you our readers to be honest and not feed into the hype. Many bloggers or indie online mags are often criticized for “LOVING” everything and I refuse to have yourKloset fall into that stack. We will continue to bring you the inside story while staying true to what is fashionable, stylish and unique.

Special Thanks to Sensation Mode, Montreal Fashion Week and the support team which helps to keep this event moving forward…good job!!!

Until next time…

Photos courtesy of Pagguy Guillet

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    Great article!
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