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TRUSST presents F/W 2011/12

TRUSST is a boutique/agency dedicated to featuring, highlighting, producing and diffusing contemporary visual arts including highly conceptual clothing.

The TRUSST team is made up of an international band of visionaries adept in the fields of Artistic Direction, Production, Photography and Design.

Having produced a creative presentation on the Monday prior with the geometric designs of YING GAO and KARL LATRAVERSE, I was looking forward to the mini runway collections of new designers SAMUEL MERCURE (menswear), by THOMAS (Womenswear) and CHRISTIAN L’ENFANT ROI (menswear) that they were presenting.

Samuel Mercure

Here’s to tight edits and mini-presentations!

Samuel Mercure’s collection of mens wear addressed those who prefer to layer it up and stay individual all winter long. In 10 completely black looks we were treated to a glimpse into his esthetic, clientele and fits…all great. For me, color was not necessary due to the textures and how they were merchandised. I look forward to more from Mercure.

Check out his finale


For Fall 2011 by THOMAS showed us a MAD MEN 2012 woman. Enough retro to be trendy as well as enough new fabrics and cuts to keep it contemporary, the designer Natasha Thomas meticulously worked the structured and soft silhouette. Black, light grey, gold and gold lurex keep it simple with a variety of shapes. I can’t wait to see the by THOMAS career woman live next Fall!

Christian L'Enfant Roi

After a successful launch in October 2010 for his Spring menswear collection, Christian L’Enfant Roi did not disappoint with his second presentation. Inspired by the colors and vibe of the works of Hernan Bas, L’Enfant Roi explored the theme of melancoly and referenced those authors of the genre.

Modern folk best describes the collection. Some pieces fully forward and intricately detailed like one sweater/scarf number…wow! Faded prints bring a calm sense of whimsy while black and burgundy keep it sober.

All photos courtesy of Jimmy Hamelin for Sensation Mode

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