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To elope…or not to elope?

It’s mid-June already, so if you haven’t received your invitation to a summer wedding or are not close to a bride, consider yourself lucky! I have a few female friends who are planning to tie the knot during the Canadian wedding industry’s busiest time of year and some of them are driving me crazy (but shall remain nameless, of course). So I consulted Montreal’s go-to wedding planner, Madeleine Kojakian of Maddy K Weddings,  for some last minute tips on how to cope with brides, or grooms, who are taking you through it!

TonyJay4yK: Let us know a bit about your profession and what is required of you.

Maddy K: Wedding designing seems a very popular profession… I get at least five emails a day from people aspiring to have a career in wedding and event planning! I started my business about nine years ago by fluke. I never even knew what a wedding planner did, nor had I ever thought of becoming one. One day, I just woke up and for fun decided to create a wedding planning website, and as they say, the rest is history!

People that don’t work in wedding planning don’t know is that it is a very demanding profession. Yes of course you should love weddings, but you also have to have the core business skills. For example, good accounting skills, if you are responsible for managing the wedding budget for your client. Definitely good negotiating skills, because at the end of the day, the client expects better deals from their planners! And relation management with vendors to make sure that they give you the service you want for your clients.

TJ4yK: How many bridezillas do you actually encounter and how do you choose to handle such situations?

MK: Even the calmest of brides has a bridezilla moment, it’s very normal. They get over it! What’s not normal, are the ones that don’t get over it, and end up ruining the experience for themselves.  I never have a problem with bridezillas because I address their concerns and right away set the boundaries. Who I feel bad for are the parents and the partners of the bridezillas because they have to deal with them on a daily basis!

TJ4yK: Does the budget really make the wedding?

MK: Yes and no. We’ve designed beautiful weddings with small budgets. I find that when you have a smaller budget, there is more personalization involved and room for creativity.  Therefore, the wedding turns out to be unique. I always tell my clients, just because it looks nice doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Brides sometimes come to be discouraged after showing me photos of things that they realize they could never afford. Once I am done breaking down the situation to them they realize that it is affordable after all!!! In my opinion, what really makes the wedding is the bride and groom’s energy and love!

TJ4yK: Top three things to win points at a wedding?
MK: 1) Desert bars are very popular and just loved by guests; 2) midnight snacks like poutines, burgers and even pizza will get you huge points at a wedding and 3) incorporating fun edibles such as Schwartz station, Ben & Jerry’s station, beaver tails etc.

TJ4yK: Top three faux-pas?
MK: I don’t like it when couples: 1) get their guests to pay for the bar, 2) get valet parking and ask their guests to pay for it, 3) ask for monetary gifts in their invitations.

TJ4yK: Being that same-sex weddings are legal in Canada and that you have assisted in many post-nuptial same-sex celebrations, do they actually differ from that of their heterosexual counterparts? And how?

MK: They differ in the sense that both partners are very involved in the planning as opposed to heterosexual weddings where it’s typically the bride that is handling the details. Same-sex weddings also tend to be more upscale and elaborate. The weddings are smaller but more extravagant.

TJ4yK: I have been suggesting to many uber-stylish women that garters are no longer just for brides (especially with hot pants, short-shorts and micro-minis being all the rage). Do you know of any fashion-forward garter brands?

MK: Absolutely … I love the Garter Girl by Julianne Smith… We had her garters this past year in our bridal boudoir and absolutely love them… Very stylish!!!

TJ4yK: What’s in your Kloset?

MK: I am obsessed with a few things: Purses (of course), shoes (of course) and lately I am all about belts and dresses… I just can’t get enough of cute dresses!!!

TJ4yK: Top five Canadian designers for bridal and formal wear?

MK: Ramona Keveza, Ines Di Santo, Justina McCaffrey, Ross Mayer, Andy The Anh (formal wear).
In Montreal, I love Anne Jean Michel on Laurier Avenue, but they are not available online.

Maddy K’s website

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