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The Sartorialist: A Man Who (SHOULD NOT) Needs No Introduction

The Sartorialist Book

There are people in life whom you want to emulate, whether it’s  Kanye West, whom I’m obsessed with, (yes, even post Taylorgate) or back in the day when every girl you knew dressed like Mary Kate and Ashley. Then there are people in life whom you want to recognize your achievements, like parents, a teacher or the entire fashion community.

Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman (aka the Sartorialist) has done exactly that by taking his vision of street style and showing it to the entire world. He has influenced designers such as Rei Kawakubo (of Commes Des Garcons) and Phillip Lim, so it comes as no surprise that I would be enamored of the Sartorialist.



I came across the Sartorialist in late 2006 while flipping through an issue of GQ, where he has a monthly column, and was so amazed by all the cool people he photographs. I have been hooked ever since. A friend once said to me I deserved to be on the Sartorialist when I showed up to school in a very non-traditional presentation suit (bow tie and hat in tow); I took that as a huge compliment.

The Sartorialist

One of my (many) goals in life is to be shot by Scott himself. My dream almost came true this past week, where I had the chance to meet Scott at his book signing. Unfortunately, I was only told about the signing four hours before, otherwise I would have been spiffed out for the occasion. I ran to Barnes and Noble to grab his book, and then headed over to the signing early. I went with a friend from work and was 10th in line.  I would have conducted an interview for, if it weren’t for the 400 people standing behind me.

Signed Book

When the moment of truth came, I told him I thought he was one of the coolest people I know and he responded “Really??” to which I replied “kinda”. I then explained my non-photogenic attire, and told him it is one of my dreams to be shot by him. He answered, “you are still young, and you’ve got lots of time”. He was super cool, and very down to earth. He also taught me you never should take a picture with glasses on because of the glare. Check out his book and website “The Sartorialist”, and maybe one day you will see a picture of YOURS TRULY.

Scott and I

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