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The Look – Day 2 MFW

The look for BodyBag by Jude, was a beautiful mix of Snow White meets the wicked witch (just referring to the model who came out with black satin bow tied around the mouth). Amelie Ducharme, head makeup artist for MFW, chose a porcelain skin and an intense blood red lip, simply classic. Denis Binet, head of hair design at MFW, twisted the models locks away from the face and created low chignons that rolled into shapes reminiscent of a cinnamon bun. The side-parts kept the girls looking sweet and innocent. Key to creating the home version…tone-o-tone “matte” hairpins…it’s a must!

*Makeup model: Sarah

Here’s a little description for key products to try out from Cover Girl.

Lip Perfection Lip Liner is a high conditioning lip liner, formulated with over 60% skin conditioners and Vitamin E. Sometimes with bold colours, I say, just stick with the pencil and forgo the lipstick and gloss. You’ll get amped up colour without the thick or heavy texture, i.e…it’s still your lips!

Lip Perfection Lipstick is enriched with Silk Therapy Complex, a formula which helps sustain levels of moisture in the lips. CG says that it helps create soft, smoother, beautiful lips in just 7 days, essential when your lips are already chapped from the winter elements.

*Hair model: Galina

Professional Level Style Shaping Hairspray for Fine Hair allows you to create, shape and re-shape any desired style. The aerosol styling mist allows for creating and re-creating any volume look effortlessly, so if your style’s not right you can do it again! Amen to that! What’s kinda cool about the Pantene formula is that it’s designed to dry more slowly than classic hairsprays, giving it the ability to shape and re-shape without loosing the hold. Shaping polymers support fine hair’s structure to reinforce style, while leaving it versatile and brushable.

The best trick for adding body and fullness is to flip your head over and spray at the roots, then blow dry hair upside down. I highly recommend using the accompanying shampoo and conditioner for Fine hair, it’s called “Fragile to Strong” makes sense, no?

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