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SPRING Shoes x WAR Child = 2 schools built

War Child

Founded in North America in 1999 by medical Doctors, Samantha Nutt and Eric Hoskins, WAR Child is an internationally recognized, award-winning charity that works for children all over the world to combat poverty, provide education and to defend and fight for their rights. WAR Child works tirelessly to help children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict and provide them with the means for a brighter future.

In 2008, SPRING’s WAR Child bracelet was based on a fundamental concept: One Brick at a Time.  For each bracelet sold, one brick went into building a school for kids in countries affected by war.  Thanks to more than 30, 000 WAR Child leather brick bracelets being sold worldwide, two schools have been built in the Democratic Republic of Congo and more than 600 students attended classes this fall.

War Child Bracelet

SPRING has designed a new WAR Child bracelet which holds both logos.  This trendy rubber band is a symbol of strength and the importance of their commitment to kids in need.  Not exclusive to just the building itself, the bracelet also helps to buy desks, chairs and build bathrooms.

Spring War Child - Simple Plan with Dr.Samantha Nutt

Most recently spokesband Simple Plan also announced a donation of $10,000 from the Simple Plan Foundation towards War Child’s work with young people in the displaced camps of Darfur. The money will build a centre where youth can access catch up education, can play with other young people (mostly aged 6 – 12) and can learn skills that will allow them to avoid exploitative work. This is the second year that War Child has been a recipient of the Simple Plan Foundation prize.

To support the SPRING War Child initiative while being stylish this season, click here. A cause worth pausing for!

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