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SKYWHORES UNITE!!! Winter Music Conference 2011

So another year has come and gone…bodies have been dehydrated, knees have been wracked with pain, feet exhausted beyond belief. All these growing pains have come and gone and despite them a good time was had by all…unless of course you were robbed, cheated, or lost something.

I experienced all these pains and observed the conference from a distance. The changes are noticeable but the feeling is the same, a coming together of like minded people seeking the same goals, musical spiritual enlightenment.



Starting on the Monday and ending on the Sunday, its 7days of intense dancing 24 hours a day. Preferring to spend quality time with my parents I missed out on 2 excellent parties . Kill the Idol always has an amazing line up, this year was no exception.


However, the competition was fierce just around the corner at Jazid with Dj Bruno, Justice, and my boy Ray Vasquez. Next year will definitely be interesting to see what Monday has to offer.


Bobby & Steve usually run Tuesday nights to the ground with their afternoon event but this year despite excellent DJ’s, I was left wanting, but Terry Hunter did leave a nice smile on my face.

At night it was a little different since a lot of the parties were off of south beach but we did manage to go hear Louie Vega at the Wall much to my regret. Louie was excellent as usual but the crowd was the typical heel and glam crowd of south beach which honestly I can’t stand. House music is not a dress and heels kind of thing. I know Louie knows this and he definitely represented later in the week.


Hands down Wednesday belonged to ‘Keep on Dancin’. There’s nothing like hearing the classics played by masters and seeing dancers from that era relive their youths. Great music, great people, great times! Nice to see a lot of Canadians showing up as well. Music spun by Danny Krivit, Quentin Harris, Richard Vasques and Tony Smith at Scores on Lincoln Road.

Montreal crew (Mojazz, carlito brigante, Zo, FukiFlex...) left to right


The Tribe crew represented the UK in a huge way! This has definitely become the best day party for the conference. Zepherin Saint is a remarkable DJ. His mixes and programming kept me interested the whole night and many feet on the floor. Thank you TRIBE!

But the Fania party gave me life at night time. Louie Vega came through in a big way playing his favourite songs from the past. I love seeing newbies hearing songs I loved as a kid and saying how much they loved it. Good music never dies!

Crew ( Marques Wyatt, Claudy Philius, Tedd Patterson, Victor Simonelli,Julius Papp)


Gotsoul party had a massive showing. This Montreal production house has taken Miami by storm in the past few years. With DJ’s JojoFlores, Black Coffee, Culoe de Song, Halo and the beautiful Bucie and charismatic Zakes to boot, they gave everyone a great show. The lounge was no different with DJ Zo, FukiFlex, and Tommy Bones killing the small(large) dance floor with a deeper sound. Well done Montreal, show them how its done.

Black Coffee and Culoe de Song (left to right)


I was worn out due to just coming from a cold. I decided to keep it chill by just going to Body and Soul. John Davis, Francois K, Joe Clausell, Danny Krivit didn’t disappoint. Great day party, but I have to admit I prefer this team in NY or in Tokyo than in Miami. I can’t take surfer dudes and bikini tops trying to catch the beat or high fiving each other. I mean really is there really a need to pick a girl up in the air till she starts screaming? Joe Clausell shook his head in shame.

Danny Krivit and David Harness

So I lied to you. I did manage to go to one more day party. The South African Party. Let me tell you, South Africans were everywhere this year. They must have chartered a plane or something. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a group of them. At the Gotsoul party they ran up on stage during performances showing their flag.
But the the largest group was at their Saturday day party. I’d say a good 300 people brought JoBurg to Miami.

So again the conference did not disappoint but something did.

Something is not right. Is Shelter finally done for? Since Freddie Sanon has left the building the organization has sucked…hard. I was willing to go to the Shelter party to see if in my eyes they could redeem themselves. The past 2 years has been troubling with the mediocre level of music and the fist pumping euros doing traditional dance with their drinks on the floor. Those of you who’ve visited Shelter of yesteryear know this is a big NO NO!. Somebody send those guys a memo. It seems their currency almost devastated the Euro and now they’re trying to do the same to Shelter.
Anyways, I went and stated my name for the guestlist. This was previously confirmed with the Shelborne Hotel. Not only was I refused but I was insulted and yelled at. There was no need for this attitude. It’s a crying shame that this institution has to lower itself to being ‘bitchy’ to a supporter of 20 years! Everyone has been refused entry once in their life, so I accepted it and gave the doorman, cashier, and the brand of Shelter a warm ‘fuck you’ from the bottom of my heart.

The night itself was from all accounts deemed as 2 degrees of seperation from being horrendous. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear how Joe Clausell played, I’m sure he gave Shelter a bit of respect. But I did hear about Timmy. No comment. Poor guy. Is the house community turning on him? Well considering all the rumours, his attitude, and his parties…he’s been turned.

Moving right along. I’d invite you all to come next year but I’m afraid of long queues and drunk kids. So please don’t come, stay home and let me and my friends have a good time. We’ll just tell you about it later.

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