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Sexy Sunday Nights

Guess where I was last Sunday night.

At Vancouver’s burlesque and comedy show Kitty Nights, of course! Where else would I be able to spend such a funny, sexy Sunday night?

Offered every week at 9pm, the show combines classic burlesque with the truly original MCing humour of The Purrrfessor, and will for sure end your weekend with a bang.

Originally from New York, cofounder Burgundy Brixx (who also runs burlesque and striptease classes) decided to bring the concept to Vancouver. I’m so glad she did, and apparently I’m not the only one, because the show, held at The Biltmore, is always packed. Everyone’s there to encourage the performers and have a good time, and if that’s not enough to get the party started for you, their excellent Long Island ice teas and dance party at the end of the show will surely do the trick.

The evening is definitely a must-try. They’ll have you laughing and loving it all night long.

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