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SEINFELD live in Montreal

On Saturday, August 7th, I had the pleasure of going to see Mr. Jerry Seinfeld live. Having bought my tickets in pre-sale more than 3 months earlier, I was pretty excited. I was also a bit nervous. Why? Well, for starters, people who saw him the last time he was in town said that the show was “meh”. Also, Jerry is pretty close to being a god for me, so I had pretty high expectations. The fear of being let down by the master of the “show about nothing” was tremendous.

Needless to say, Jerry did anything but disappoint. He was on high energy for his entire performance (which lasted for well over an hour!). Some of his jokes were a little predictable (I mean, what comedian nowadays doesn’t talk about the BlackBerry / iPhone phenomenon?) but the way he says it, well, you felt like you were in that Manhattan apartment with your old friend. And, in the manner that made him so famous, making comments about inane details of life, you can’t help but utter “he’s so right” or “that’s so true”.

Comedic highlights for me included a lengthy bit about how everything in this world consist of “garbage and pre-garbage”, and that your house is merely a garbage-processing facility, as well as a bit about food specials at restaurants, commenting that “if it was so special, why don’t you put it on the menu?” That’s so true!

And to top it all off, rather than coming out with more jokes for his encore, he offered the crowd a chance to ask him questions! Questions included the obvious “when is there going to be a reunion show?”, to which Jerry responded “wow! What a genius idea! Why didn’t anyone think of that before?”. After taking a moment to take a breath, he then adds “who would want to watch a show about single people in their 50s living together in an apartment complex, wouldn’t that be creepy?”. Ah, he’s so right.

Overall, Jerry put on a great show that kept me, along with the rest of the sold-out crowd, laughing the whole time. One thing is for certain: there is no other comedian out there who could be as funny and as clever for as long as he was out there, without saying the F-word even once. It is official: Jerry is still king.

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