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Samuel Dong FALL/WINTER 2011/12 – MFW20

Representing the quintessential bold and powerful modern lady, Samuel Dong showcased his fierce Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection at Montreal Fashion Week. Designed for the active woman, the collection radiated with energetic pieces of French-inspired floral and loud patterns and prints that embraced the untamed, savage side. Dong’s ability to personify the multi-faceted woman was successfully executed on the runway. From the wild party animal in leopard-printed nylons under puffy taffeta dresses, to the elegant, seductive silhouette in silk and furs.

All photos courtesy of Jimmy Hamelin for Sensation Mode

The over-the-top corporate fashionista look was emblazoned with flashy large accessories and the retro-chic style dominated the show with pieces like glitzy glam leggings paired with a cascading ruffled jacket. There was only one message that went with the fusion of color and style, brave is the new beautiful.

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