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Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Minkoff and Pamela Love, oh my!

Rebecca Taylor – When I walked into the Rebecca Taylor show on Sunday, I had no idea what I was in for. Certainly I’d heard the designers name thrown around on style blogs and in magazines but had never really done much research into her collections. Boy was I in for a surprise, as the show became the highlight of my weekend. Oh, Spring could not come quickly enough at this point. Though certainly not the only designer to try their hands at this boho-chic trend, Taylor actually manages to get it right, with well-proportioned garments in beautiful fabrics. Since then I have been dreaming of sheer chiffon blouses, floor length floral skirts, and yes…even the subtle leapord print sweaters that graced her runway. Rebecca Taylor, colour me impressed.

Rebecca Minkoff – I’ll admit, I walked into Rebecca Minkoff’s presentation with a bit of a bias. My go-to handbag for the past year or so, gifted to me by a friend, has been her classic MAC clutch; a perfect boxy, grey leather handbag, with a chain strap that’s just the right length, and silver buckle detailing. But handbags aside, S/S 2011 marked Minkoff’s official foray into head to to dressing, adding a line of shoes to her apparel and handbag collection. I’ll be honest, this collection is not necessarily breaking any boundaries, or paving the way for new and exciting innovations. BUT that’s not to say that it isn’t entirely chic, and perfectly on trend. Trousers that hit just the right spot on the hips, creamy leather jackets with the perfect amount of edge, and a simple palette with only a few necessary pops of colour, this collection would make any stylish twenty-something’s heart beat just a little bit faster.

Pamela Love – New York based jewelry designer Pamela Love is what you would certainly term an “it girl”. She can be seen all over the most popular blogs, she’s even in the Facehunter book. Ok, I’m a little obsessed. For the past three years, Love has been creating jewelry that has everyone drooling. Past seasons have seen giant talon cuffs, crystal necklaces, and strong, edgy rings that are subtle enough to be worn day to day. This season, Love took inspiration from many Native and African cultures, and crafted a line that includes everything from giant, cylindrical bracelets to opulent chest plates. In this case, a picture is worth way more than a thousand words, as her designs sometimes defy the imagination. So take a gander at these photos, and check out her website for more fashion porn.

All in all, Fashion Week was an unforgettable experience. Though I may have not been able to sneak my way into any Proenza’s or Rodartes, I certainly left brimming with fashion, and anticipation for the seasons to come. Hope you enjoyed my coverage of S/S 2011! Stay tuned for LG Fashion Week coverage from right here in Toronto.

Until then…

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