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Montreal’s Fresh Spring Art Exhibitions and Vernissages

There is lots of great art happening around Montreal this month to help bring on the spring thaw. The only problem is finding enough time to take it all in!

First up is the show of multi-faceted artist Anri Sala.

This dense show at the Musée d’Art Contemporain rewards multiple viewings, as the light and sounds of various projections playing at sporadic intervals constantly create new juxtapositions and readings.  Perhaps the most memorable is the meandering line of snare drums that activate at unexpected moments and lead the viewer into the space like a pied piper. This show also features photographs, drawings, and objects. Go soon as it finishes April 25th.

Next up, down in Old Montreal at DHC until May 16th, is a collection of works by conceptual artist Ceal Floyer.

Floyers works often play on what you see, and what you think you see, with definition and perception playing important, often conflicting roles. Her work appears deceptively simple at first, but further examination reveals it to have layers of meaning, often further complicated by the titles of the pieces. For instance, these images are of Overgrowth, an image of a miniature bonsai tree magnified to the size of a normal tree, and Double Act, which is both a projection and a spotlight shining on the gallery wall.

The Gallerie UQAM has several of Fiona Tans video pieces dealing with questions of unstable identity.

Appearing as portraits that slowly shift and in so doing challenge our preconceptions, they are further complicated by the fact that these are actors and not documentaries.

Last up, along with the exhibition of annotated Palladio drawings currently on view at the CCA, a new show on architecture of the Second World War will be opening on April 13th.  This should be an interesting show highlighting the height (or perhaps lowpoint) of  Modernist architecture. Vernissage April 12th, 6-11pm, open to the public with music by Organ Mood and Dj Mademoiselle Patricia.

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