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Montreal Fashion Week

Of course Montreal fashion week was going to start like this. I was fashionably late for the first show, Melissa Nepton. Sitting to watch the show was not an option, so I made a b-line to the backstage area. In the nearly pitch-black passageway, the shows soundtrack resonated throughout the room, Haunted by Love & Rockets (the first album I ever bought).

I entered the brightly lit backstage and could see that the pressure was on and it was all systems go. Every chair was filled. Models were all around in varied stages of readiness. I overheard some young ladies begin cussed out for eating before the show. As a makeup artist, I have to agree. Any oil will break down the lip colour and will make the colour bleed. Anyways, I was there to check out Nadya Toto’s collection. It had been a while since Nadya presented her line at Montreal Fashion Week.

I went straight to Catherine Laniel, head makeup artist to get the low down on the look for Toto’s collection. I loved the colour combo of the purple and white with a liquid pen liner from Cover Girl, of course. It was a very sexy, cat eye look, which strongly accentuated the angles of the face to make them look longer and higher…it’s all about the check bones, baby.

The hair was pulled up into a top bun that was slightly angled forward. The smooth sides contrasted and balanced well with the more tussled appearance of the oversized bun. The shape and placement leant itself to resembling a vintage hat. I love this overall look because it adapts for the real world so easily. Okay, this may not be a day look, but if you’re thinking of sexy, this looks got your back.

So how was the show? Excellent! Nadya again blends sexy, pretty and sophisticated in the perfect little dress. I took mental snapshots of my favorite frocks. Can I say one thing? I heart, one shoulder dresses, with bows on them. And can you say, lace? Because that’s what I’m talking about!

I caught one more show, Marie Saint Pierre. What can I say, true to form, lots of black and nude, clean sculptural lines and layers, twisted foam tube pieces and some fabrics that made me want to go scuba diving, I dunno, it’s just a feeling. I can’t wait to be woman enough to wear such garments. Since the lights only came on when a model was on the runway, we talked amongst ourselves. We agreed that the hair and makeup had a frozen, 5th element kinda thing with a Tibetan-Tribal twist for good measure.

A friend of mine was loving the musical selection for Saint Pierre’s show; deep, dark, and a little disturbed; so appropriate for the collection. That’s what you get when you play Fever Ray and The Knife for twenty minutes. Polite golf clap, for maestro, Christian Pronovost.

Hairdresser, Tal Fisher gave me an up close look at what exactly was going on in the hair design. There was a wet and very “ropey” quality to it. In fact, it made me think of Medusa’s snake hair. Denis Binet showed up to explain, what was the magic ingredient used in the hair to give it that “frozen” look. Let’s just say, you can’t buy it at Shopper’s.

Toto, Nepton, Saint Pierre

And so it has begun, the 18th Edition of Montreal Fashion Week. The fusion of fashion, design, music and beauty at the Marche Bonsecours, in the heart of Old Montreal. Vive la Mode!

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