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Martha Colburn

Check out the frenetic animations of American artist Martha Colburn.

Her short films mix pop culture with military imagery, staging psychedelic battles on fields made of cutouts and puzzle-pieces. The densities of materials combined with the fast paced and jittery animation style make multiple views a necessity.

This is Join the Freedom Force ,in which “protestors strike-out and are struck-back in a dance of police brutality and wild rally of freedom-seekers.” All that, set to a soundtrack by Knalpot.

Here is a clip of Dolls vs. Dictators. In which Colonel Gaddafi battles a baby doll and Ponch from CHiPs!

To see the full version of Dolls vs. Dictators, along with the original soundtrack, (although the Deerhoof one is pretty great!) make your way to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY, (just over the Queensboro bridge from Manhattan) before May 15th.

Also ongoing for the month of May is the Montreal Biennale. This year the theme is Elements of Chance, and the program is full of great local and international artists.  Visit their website for a full list of participants.

The exhibition is being held in the former École des beaux-arts at 3450, St. Urbain St. near the corner of Sherbrooke, but it also includes a web-based component and film screenings. On until May 31st.

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