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Madfashion, the annual fashion show assignment held by LaSalle College’s 2nd year event planning students was all about finding the right mix between business and fashion. The event, whose main sponsors for the evening were La Vie en Rose and Centre De Copie Commerciale, was held at Le Fushcia restaurant in downtown Montreal.

If you’re a fan of AMC’s Mad Men, then MADfashion left you with a smile on your face, as the theme of the evening was inspired by the award-winning television show. Straight out of the Mad Men playbook, all of the male models were dressed to impress as they walked the runway in tuxedos and dress shoes provided by Waxman. The female models held their own as well, as they brought a sexy but classy look to the evening with clothing and accessories by designers such as BODYBAG, Barila, Annie 50, OPHELIE H.A.T.S, valerie dumaine, MELISSA NEPTON, and shoes by ALDO.

Second-year student Jalissa Brown, who served as one of the event’s public relations directors, said that the idea of the Mad Men theme came about because her and her classmates felt that a lot of people in the business world didn’t know how to mix business with style. “Our goal was to open-up the view that you can have great style and fashion while maintaining your business-look. We wanted to show that you can be sexy and fun at work, while still being classy at the same time.”

The event also featured an auction in which students as well as members of the audience got to bid on items that looked like they were straight out of the 1960’s such as ashtrays, gloves, jewellery, sunglasses, and even a vintage radio. The auction was also a success, as every item sold, generating nearly $500 dollars in proceeds.

Fellow second-year student Marsha Alexander, who served as one of the show’s head coordinators, said the event, which took about 12 weeks to plan, was a success because of her and her classmates’ hard-work and desire to succeed despite the tight amount of time they were given to plan and execute the assignment. “This is a huge accomplishment. Normally with an event like this, we would’ve had more time to plan, but since the assignment had to done within the time frame of the course, our backs were really against the wall. As a team we came together and said no matter what, we would get this done, and we did. At the end of the day, we filled the place up, we got sponsors, the models were great, the auction sold-out, and people really enjoyed themselves. So yeah, I think we were pretty successful.”

By the way the event turned out, the MADfashion show deserves an A+.

Photos courtesy of Jeffery Beckford

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