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Mad Maus Sao Paolo by Luis Fernando + Barreto

What’s going on in the mind of video artist, artistic director and all around tastemaker, Gibran Ramos?  Apparently, little mice have taken over and the wonderful world of MAD MAUS has emerged.   MAD MAUS is the international movement where fashion, design, electro music and pop culture converge into a monthly night of decadence and debauchery in Montreal and, soon, the world.  PR machine and MAD MAUS co-founder, Patrick de Grace, will see to that!

Ramos confessed to me that the whole MAD MAUS thing is a manifestation of a childhood fetish of embellishing existing photos and images with mouse ears (à la obscure 1930s, Van Beuren, depression-era mouse illustrations). Fast forward a few years and throw in some influences of Bauhaus, Dadaism, Surrealism and a whole lot of black, and you’ve got MAD MAUS.


Not only is MAD MAUS a night, but it’s a cyber-meeting space for hipsters, fashionistas and the avant-garde all around the world; whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or the MAD MAUS blog, you’ll discover what is up and coming in the world of art, fashion and music. Top DJs, designers, photographers and artists will be showcased, but the next step for Ramos is the exclusive artist collaboration of the MAD MAUS product line, which includes limited edition designer t-shirts and other wares that will be exclusively sold online…too hot!

Gibran + Cindy + Patrick

Tal + Facial + Gibran

Invited “Mausketeers” include Canadians Erick & Alexander Faulkner (stylists & performers), Rene Leblanc (fashion designer), Zilon Lazer (graffiti artist), Martin Rondeau (photographer), Naomi Laliberte (fashion designer), Dimitrichris (fashion designer), Jennifer Silencieux (singer), Emanuel Botello (photographer), French designer Naco Paris, French illustrator Alexandre Bis Dufoix, French contemporary & graffiti artist Andre Saraiva, UK performer & fashion icon Scottee Scottee, Spanish fashion designer Carlos Diez Diez and American Creative Director & fashion designer Christopher Lee Sauve.

Facial Faulkner

On Saturday, February 20th, the Faulkner Twins will be unveiling their vision of the “MAUS HAT”.   Go to Velvet in Old Montreal, dress like you mean it (in black of course), sport your best ears, check out Faical Hajji doing the live photo shoot with invited “mausketeers,” be “camera ready” for paparazzi extraordinaire, Daniel Payette, be captivated by Bunk3r TV installations and sip on the designer drink (yes, even the drinks are designer) MAD MAUS 9, made with Belvedere IX, a unique vodka with nine intoxicating ingredients (Guarana, Ginger, Ginseng, Jasmine, Cinnamon Leaf, Sweet Almond, Eucalyptus, Black Cherry and Acai juice).

by Alexandre Bis Dufoix

Be prepared to party  à  la MAD MAUS in Paris, Istanbul, New York City, Berlin, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, London, Tokyo and definitely get ready for the Toronto edition, launching at the CLOSING PARTY OF THE ALTERNATIVE FASHION WEEK.

The MAD MAUS Team is: Artistic Director: Gibran Ramos / Graphics: Simon Lévéillé / Fashion Photograghy: Faical Hajji / Event Photographer: Daniel Payette / Visuals: Bunk3r tv / PR: Patrick de Grâce

For program information:

Facebook Group: Mad Maus


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