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LOVAS Wesley Badanjak – MFW 19 – Spring 2011

Firstly, let me start off by saying Day 3 proved to be a recovery day for both Candice and I, who both were a bit under the weather.  I did have a chance to view the video footage and can still give a pretty good recap.

At LOVAS by Toronto-based designer Wesley Badanjak, what are grown women made of? Big hair, tailored clothing and rock-edge accessories that’s what! Naughty in her nice, the LOVAS woman is 1950’s charged with a 2011 update. Badanjak’s color selection of silver, charcoal, black, lipstick and citron make mixing and matching a cinch by day and give the right amount of drama for the evening. Great cuts and fits with just the right amount of design thrown in make this collection not only wearable but hopefully a big hit amongst industry buyers.

All photos courtesy of Sebastien Roy

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