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Loews Hotel Vogue unveils the new look of Opera Bar

Facing stiff competition with several other boutique hotels namely in Old Montreal, Loews Hotel Vogue is claiming back its original concept with the revamping of its Opera Bar. In the heart of downtown’s corporate and fashion scene, the Vogue opened its doors this month to the city’s cosmopolitan nightlife for a grand evening of wining and dining and social mingling in celebration of the classically revitalized bar that overlooks the allure of Rue de la Montagne and de Maisonneuve.

Greeted by two lovely gals dressed in Lady Dutch and snuggled in Harricana fur capes and jumbo fur earmuffs, the luxuriated lobby boasts the contemporary décor of the bar refashioned after 20 years since the Vogue’s inception. The evening was further complimented by the incredibly savory canapés of their new Executive Chef, Michele Forgione that included Asian chicken wings, ceviche, and the to-die-for lamb kebabs which are spectacular treats featured on the bar’s nightly menu.

My props go out to Opera Bar’s experienced Bartender, Francine, who after 20 years at Vogue, maneuvered the beverage-hungry crowd with commendable ease and patience, most outstandingly when the bar began to run low of wine glasses!

Reputed for congregating hosts of influential personalities in business, fashion, and entertainment, prominent Canadian fashion designer Andy Thê-Anh was present to exhibit his collection of embellished cocktail dresses and formal evening gowns.

20 years and counting, Loews Hotel Vogue has become young again!

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