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LG Toronto Fashion Week

LG Toronto Fashion Week

I was very depressed that I could not attend New York, London or Paris fashion week, but on the upside, I have been fortunate enough to attend Toronto Fashion Week. Canadian Fashion is growing and gaining a more reputable place in the world, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Travis Taddeo Fashion Week

As you may or may not know, I am an intern at Pink Tartan so I have been super busy these past two weeks sewing my life away to get ready for this Wednesday’s show. Amongst the craziness at work, I managed to sneak in to see the Travis Taddeo show as well as hit up the Bay for some champagne and appetizers for the opening of the Pink Tartan shop.

Travis Taddeo - LG Fashion Week

Travis Taddeo has been coined the new  “it boy” in Canadian fashion. His collection was very 80s street chic, while taking on a minimalist approach.  There were a lot of cropped tops, cut outs, cut off jeans, leather and fur. Some of his stuff was wearable and cool but some of the pieces were just ridiculous, like the thong leotard with fur (what was that?!). I think that piece went a little too far.

Travis Taddeo - LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010

Travis Taddeo - Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010

His spring collection is very youthful and racy, definitely meant for the fashion risk takers. I went to this show with my mother and she was just repulsed by his collection. Let’s just say his collection is not meant for the 50+ age bracket of women! Despite my mother’s disgust, I did really enjoy the leather mini dress (super sexy) and the cut-off jean shorts with different color back pockets. I thought those were super cute and added a fun touch to a generic piece.

Pink Tartan at the Bay

Pink Tartan just opened a store in the Bay, so last night I went there and enjoyed some champagne, delicious appetizers and a bit of shopping. The store opening was a success; many people came to mingle and browse through the fall and holiday collection. The fall clothing is amazing and I want absolutely everything! So many nice blazers, jackets, feminine dresses, and pants, to name a few. Tomorrow is the Pink Tartan show, so come check it out if you’re in Toronto, and check out the Pink Tartan shop at the Bay on Queen Street, as well.

Pink Tartan - Kim Newport Mimran &'s Robbie

Eww, why am I posing like that ahhaha? Anyway, here is a pic of me and Kim Newport-Mimran, the designer of Pink Tartan, and Sarah Marantz, her lovely assistant.

Look out for more on Toronto Fashion Week tomorrow.

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