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LG Fashion Week – One More Time

DTWL Ross Mayer

Lucian Matis, Evan Biddell, and Pink Tartan are names that, when added together and coupled with the legendary Robin Kay, can only equal one thing: Toronto Fashion Week.

Toronto Fashion Week (or properly titled LG Fashion Week by L’Oreal Paris) has grown over the past ten years to fit the haute couture shoes that its executive producer, Robin Kay, envisioned for it.  And for two weeks this past October, I was one of the lucky individuals who got to see it come together. As a detailed account of ten consecutive seventeen-hour days would go on forever, there are two events from the week that I would like to highlight: the Thursday night elegance of Romona Keveza and the closing “Dare To Wear Love” show on Friday evening.

Jolynn Romona Keveza

Romona Keveza

Jolynn and I backstage Romona

As a retrospective for her ten-year anniversary, Romona Keveza showcased her evening wear collection, one that I was backstage to dress. Here I met the gracious Jolynn (see pic), perhaps one of the most beautiful women (inside and out) that I have ever encountered. Her first look was a stunning lipstick red dress that had the sold-out audience oohing, ahhing, and rising to their feet. Her second look from Keveza’s luxury bridal collection closed the show, and as the layers of silk and organza glided off the runway to the emotional soundtrack by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, it was rumoured that actual tears were shed.

DTWL Linda Lundstrom

DTWL Linda Lundstrom

It was a designer-dressed who’s-who mob scene to get into “Dare To Wear,” but somehow, I was able to weasel my way in and stand beside the flashing bulbs of the media pit, which also happens to be the best “seat” in the house. In association with the Steven Lewis Foundation, “Dare To Wear Love” showcased twenty-five Canadian designers who, with African inspired prints and fabrics, created beautiful and bold pieces to raise awareness and support for AIDS relief in Africa. In my opinion, Linda Lundstrom stole the show with her dramatic over-sized scarf that in one fell swoop converted to a magnificent poncho.

As someone who loves fashion and enjoys supporting local industry, being a part of Toronto Fashion Week was certainly one of the best experiences I have ever had.  If the week’s energy and creativity are any indication, then those haute couture shoes will be a perfect fit next season.

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  1. Oh the things I would do for a Keveza dress!

  2. Happy new year! I hope to see this year many more intresting posts on your blog!

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