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LG Fashion Week: The End of the Beginning

Lizares Spring Summer 2010

Dear fashion Diary,


So far LG fashion week has been great! I had the pleasure of seeing Lizares, the Dynamic duo Brian Maristela  and Lisa Harun, debut their menswear line. Using a palette of black, white, beige and hints of purple, the runway was graced by stunning linen blazers accented with ostrich, sheer silk button downs embroidered with the neatest of patterns, and my favorite, of course, were the heart embellished briefs. (Eye candy!)

Travis Taddeo Spring Summer

Later that hour, I saw Travis Taddeo. I guess he was going for that ultra revolution rebellion look. He had some good pieces but a lot of it was very hard and edgy. Overall, I’ve seen it done before.

And last but not least, Project Runway’s Jason Meyers. I really didn’t get his collection at all! He is extremely talented and had some good pieces, but the lineup of clothing was messed up. He mixed haute couture with streetwear and was all over the place in my opinion. Again, some great pieces, but I think the line needed more work.

Jason Spring Summer 2010

Jason Spring Summer 2010

Wed: I had crappy seats for the Pink Tartan show. It was, however, amazing!!! Not only were we packed in there like sardines in a can, but the show was 25 minutes late. So there we sat in anticipation of what was behind that wall. After all the socialites finished greeting and took their seats, the sound of high energy filled the room. The runway was full of sequence–silks that hugged the body and accentuated the right areas. Overall, this show was my favorite by far.

I also bumped into a lot of celebs, so stay tuned for the LG Fashion week recap!


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