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Pink Tartan & Joe Fresh @ LG Fashion Week

Pink Tartan LG Fashion Week

Oh man, what a day!  I am so exhausted from the day’s events, but it was amazing!!!!!

Just got home from the Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh shows. I have been working super hard for the past two weeks for the Pink Tartan show. I must say the hard work paid off.

Pink Tartan Spring Summer 2010

The Pink Tartan show absolutely  KILLED IT!!! The Spring Collection is to die for. Kim and her fellow designers did a fantastic job this year making the collection new and exciting. Pink Tartan’s spring collection was quoted by Kim Newport-Mimran as “Urban Warrior”. It was all very sexy and chic. The collection was filled with incredible pieces such as military/sergeant jackets/shoulder guards, mesh, biker shorts and sequins galore.

I must say I was a huge fan of the shoulder guards. I want to get a versatile pair and wear them with everything! Oh, and we must talk about the Sequin Sleeveless Jacket. It is absolutely amazing. The seamstress at Pink Tartan worked long and hard at this jacket and it turned out beautifully. I would like to congratulate everyone at Pink Tartan for pulling off such a Fantastic show.

Pink Tartan Spring Summer 2010

Pink Tartan Backstage

Pink Tartan S/S 2010

I was backstage while the show was going on, so I got a chance to snap a few photos of the models and the behind the scenes action. Since I wanted to get photos of a wider range of the collection, I got my lovely mother to snap some photos of the girls working it on the runway.

Joe Fresh LG Fashion Week

Joe fresh was equally as fabulous. Pink Tartan and Joe fresh took totally different approaches to their collection, but both were fantastic. Joe Fresh was Nerdy/Chic. They followed the Marc Jacobs trend of putting bras on top of clothing. To be honest, I really didn’t mind it, and thought it looked super cute, though only the daring fashionistas could even consider going through with that look. Some pieces which I really enjoyed were the super cute mesh t shirts with roses on top, an amazing 60’s inspired jacket, and an absolutely incredible hat, which was a staple to some of the main looks of the show. Oh, and I can’t forget the shoes!! The models were wearing some penny loafers and fabulous clogs that I need to own immediately!!!

Joe Fresh Spring Summer 2010

Joe Fresh Toronto Fashion Week

Distracted by my own photo taking, I didn’t pay enough attention to the men’s clothes. From what I saw, they looked pretty adorable!! There was one pair of pants that really caught my eye. The plaid, red and white pants they wore were nerdy but equally fresh at the same time (if that makes any sense???).

Overall, the Powerful Canadian Couple of Kimberley Newport Mimran and Joseph Mimran did a fantastic job tonight. Keep inspiring us!

Off to bed for a few hours.

More fashion updates coming later this week.

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