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Helmer – MFW 19 – Spring 2011

It was full on whimsy and absolute haute couture at Helmer’s Spring 2011 presentation. Working with no less than seven artisans (all trained in the technique of Haute Couture) and master glass blower Jean-Marie Giguere, Helmer Joseph displayed his talents with everything from hosiery and bags to bodices having been embroidered and meticulously adorned with glass baubles. Large gauge tulle as boleros, wraps and headpieces floated down the runway lending to the fantasy of the look. While in movement, the clothes created a wind chime effect – reminiscent but by no means a direct copy of Victor and Rolf’s bell embellished collection. The wedding dress (in red) itself was a floral bouquet.  Definitely poetry in motion to an interesting string version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance! What will Helmer bless us with next?

Checkout with these quick steps toward achieving Helmer’s Spring 2011 look.

All photos courtesy of Sebastien Roy

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