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FM&D 2009 Wrap UP


Time to wrap up the festival! This year the festival was definitely met with a greater than ever enthusiasm and participation, with over 425 000 festivalgoers. I’ve never seen the corner of McGill and Saint-Catherine so busy!

the National PARCS

Saturday featured shows all day, basically beginning at noon, but what made the day especially popular was the emphasis it gave to music. Saturday was definitely a musical day, The National Parcs drew an especially large crowd during the TransCanada Runway, an event highlighting designers from across the country. The day also included shows by Antoine Laoun, Frank Lyman and Samuel Dong, Katherine Barclay, and Guide and Mary. The highlight of the day, perhaps even the entire event, was the Couture Lingerie show was held in conglomeration Plastik Patrik. The show definitely held true to its name, featuring stunning models strutting lingerie looking like pieces of art. The accessories the girls sported echoed Victoria Secret runways and the throngs of people loved it.

Plastik Patrik

All in all, this year’s Festival de Mode and Design took Montreal by storm. The event hosted local and national designers, recognized names as well as up-and-coming ones, and drew international and national press. It was a weekend overflowing with style and music, what more could anyone ask for? It really is the beginning of summer.

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