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Fashion Week… Not All Glamour!

Montreal Fashion Week is held in beautiful Old-Montreal’s Marché Bonsecours twice a year for the Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer collections from our local designers as well as few international designers here and there. But, if you’re claustrophobic, impatient, whine about everything and hate dressing up, then Montreal fashion week, or any fashion week for that matter, is definitely not made for you. Why? Read down and you will understand.

First of all, let’s talk about the amount of people that are crammed up into such a small space, the catwalk and its sister space, the v.i.p and media lounge. If you’ve ever been to fashion week at Bonsecours, you would understand that the ratio between space and the amount of people that come to either watch a show or have a cocktail with ‘fashionable’ people from the industry is quite different. This leads to long line-ups to either get into the podium parts or get back into the media-cocktail lounge. And the end result equals into lots of impatient faces, sweat and stickiness, comments and whining. I, part of the media conundrum, was held back longer than expected on a few occasion while getting into a show I was covering and rsvp’ed too. I waited patiently of course, but probably fumed in my mind. However, others do not fume in theirs, but rather at the poor volunteers who are given orders by their employee. Little things like that happen frequently and it is normal. With it, comes a lot of grumbling and angry faces, and if you don’t want to hear it or are a whiner yourself, then fashion week is not made for you!

Also, the dressing up aspect of fashion week can be annoying to some. Every self-respecting fashionista (and fashionisto) would never ever come unprepared to fashion week. Therefore, week-long debates on what to wear, carefully choosing outfits, covering the smallest of details is part of the package deal for most. As superficial as it may sound, it is Fashion week after all. You cannot expect bad clothes or people who do not care at events that cover the industry’s reason for existing in the first place. It is common sense. If you hate dressing up, or do not understand the concept of different fashion, different styles and uniqueness, then fashion week is not made for you either!

It is extremely important to attend fashion week with an open mind and really understand that fashion covers many different scope of our society. Being open to it is greatly satisfying and enriching. But if you’re not, then fashion week is not made for you…

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  1. I didnt get the purpose of this article?

  2. Il y a une différence entre être passionné par la mode et être un/une fashionista-o. Est-ce que vous demandez à chaque personne qui assiste à un récital de piano de savoir jouer du piano? Est-ce que vous demander à chaque personne qui va à une pièce de théâtre d’être un théâtreux? Est-ce que vous demandez à une personne qui va a une expo photo d’être un photographe? NON. Donc être à la semaine de la mode ne veut pas dire se préparer pendant des semaines pour être un modèle… car désolé, on n’est pas là pour voir du street style, mais bien un fashion show… :)

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