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His name is Mike Mendell and this brotha’ from another motha’ had been making resounding waves with successful live entertainment productions for years. With shows ranging from old school to new featuring luminaries such as international recording Hip-Hop artists Big Daddy Kane to Busta Rhymes, Montreal phenoms like the Narcycist and the Kalmunity Vibe Collective, or even chanteuses Kirsten Bussandari, Amanda Mabro,  Elsiane and jazz musican Elizabeth Shepherd, the producer of Global NTT now focuses on amping the local live band indie.

1. Just so everyone is clear: Who and what is Global NTT?

Global NTT is a grass roots concert promoter and talent agent, dedicated to supporting and developing talent as well as providing top quality musical shows to the masses. Global NTT is also active in community and corporate event milieus. It’s core members are made up of myself, Jon Jonas, Giovanni Ottaiano, Keith Selevitch, and too many other wonderful contributors to mention…

2. Tell me about your latest project OVER-EXPOSED?

“OVER-EXPOSED” is a new showcase event happening every Thursday night at Jupiter Room (3874 St Laurent, Montreal). The mission is to feature Montreal’s HOT live indie music scene on a great stage each and every week. Situated right in the middle of The Main Madness, we couldn’t ask for a better location. Each week will feature a different genre of music, highlighting a cross-section of what Montreal artists have to offer.

3. Why now? Doesn’t the city have enough venues?

Every year around this time I witness hundreds of bands fighting for shows in far too few venues. For that reason, I felt it was the perfect time to start this series. We wanted to open up another avenue for bands to get their messages out to the masses. The right people were working hard at Jupiter to ready themselves and the bands came calling, and the rest is history.

4. What can one expect at an OVER-EXPOSED night?

When walking in to “OVER-EXPOSED” Thursdays, expect to hear great live indie music, to be welcomed by a warm and hip staff, and to be part of great crowd. The rest is up to the stars :)

5. So for bands that want to get booked, before contacting you, what things need to be in place?

I’m looking for serious bands that have a substantial repertoire of original music. They can be emerging or heavily developed. What’s most important is that they are at a place in their careers where they are hungry and ripe for a showcase event.

6. When’s the kick off?

“OVER-EXPOSED” kick’s off Thursday April 1st with a “Roots Rock” show featuring Montreal acts, CAB, CAPTAIN ACTION, and PLASTIC JESUS. In short…WOOHOO!!!

Special thanks goes out to Pat Styles for getting this solid venue ready for a spring/summer of madness, to 2XA (DoubleAgents crew) for being the backbone behind so much entertainment in this city, and to Brasseurs de Montreal for sponsoring and presenting this highly anticipated showcase series!

Booking information: Mike Mendell | President/Managing Director | Global NTT Productions | Office: 514.544.9627 | email:  | web:

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  1. Margie Mendell says:

    Great stuff! It’s what makes Montreal such a vibrant city!

  2. inobe delghetto says:

    Thanks Marge!

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