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Empire State of Mind

New York Fashion Week. We hear about it, we read about it, we dream about it…But how many of us actually get to experience it first hand? Not many! Which is why I was so excited when I was invited to attend on the arm of a gal pal who was hosting an event for Fashion’s Night Out. Nothing was going to stop me from getting on that plane and heading to the Big Apple, and as I made my descent to Newark Airport, my spidey senses tingled with anticipation (and only a slight hint of anxiety) for the weekend to come. A party for Teen Vogue, fashion shows galore, and dancing the night away with complimentary bevies in hand!! This “fashionista” in training was more than ready to put on her schmoozing shoes (brand new 5-inch platforms to be exact) and hit the streets. (Note to self: Avoid cobblestone when wearing the aforementioned shoes.)

Hair decor at OAK

Having arrived a day early, we were able to take some time to really enjoy the city and be tourists for a second. Walking around the East Village with cameras in hand, we tried to soak in as much of that New York vibe as possible before being sucked into the crazy FW schedule that lay ahead of us. And a trip to NYC would not be complete without at least one shopping excursion, especially when two of our favourite boutiques were conveniently located mere blocks from our hotel. If you ever find yourselves in the city with nothing to do (which is unlikely, but still…) stop at OAK on Bond St, and everyone’s favourite hipster haven, Opening Ceremony in Soho. The latter recently opened up a second shop just doors down from the original, stocked full of indie designer labels and their own namesake brand. After a quick bite at The Smile (mmm…salted snow peas), it was time for our fashion weekend to truly begin…

The crowd at Teen Vogue's Fashion's Night Out

Teen Vogue staffers at FNO

For the second year in a row, New York Fashion week kicked off with Fashion’s Night Out. Various designers, magazine publications, and retail stores open their doors to the public for one massive block party. And when I say massive, I mean MASSIVE, with parties strewn across mid- and downtown Manhattan. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Gisele Bundchen took part, and I was lucky enough to be behind the scenes of Teen Vogue’s Greenwich Village throw-down. With a fashion show from, a performance by British pop sensation, V.V. Brown, and my girl Shenae Grimes at the DJ booth with Teen Vogue’s own Andrew Bevan, it was a perfect, and definitely NOT low key way to kick off the weekend.

Zac Posen Finale

Day one: My first foray into the tents, newly located at the Lincoln Center (bye bye Bryant park) for Charlotte Ronson and Zac Posen’s shows. With models, make-up artists, and even Zac Posen’s mom running around frantically backstage in preparation for the show, we made our way to our seats and waited for the show to begin. Looking around I couldn’t help but notice the star-studded front rows that I had somehow been allowed to join, and as the dust began to settle and the lights dimmed, I had a bit of a “pinch me” moment as I realized that I was sitting front row at a real live, New York fashion show. Stay tuned to this weekend for my picks and pictures from the shows!

Tutu's at Pamela Love

Shenae and Designer Pamela Love

Sunday: Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Minkoff and Pamela Love

There must have been caffeine floating through the air, because I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed after only a few hours of sleep for the busiest day of the weekend by far. Four shows in a mere 12 hours may not sound like a lot, but trust me…it’s not for the faint of heart. While I sat out a preview of Timo Weiland’s collection, I did manage to find my way into Rebecca Taylor’s show as well as a viewing of Rebecca Minkoff’s recent foray into apparel and Pamela Love’s to-die-for jewelry collection which was worn by a gang of eerie looking, corpse-like models standing barefoot atop sawed off tree trunks. My biggest freak out moment of the weekend? Turning around at Love’s viewing to find myself standing face to face with the one and only Carine Roitfeld, editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue, and the most strikingly stylish woman I have ever laid eyes on. A leapord print trench coat, and a smoky eye have never looked better.

Again, stay tuned for pics from the shows this weekend on this very site. But let me just say, Rebecca Taylor’s flowing dresses, and use of prints will certainly be on my mind when Spring eventually rolls around.

It is nearly impossible to sum up my New York experience in a mere few hundred words, but here are a few that definitely stand out to me. Amazing, inspiring, over-whelming, exhausting, and “Can we do it again???” Rubbing elbows with the members of an industry that I have so much respect and admiration for made this weekend un-forgettable and unbelievably motivating. I just can’t wait for the fall collections!

Until the weekend…

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