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DJ JaBig and his Big Journey

If you have ever had the opportunity to hear DJ JaBig (GotSoul Records), then I am not telling you anything by explaining his deep and full of heart and soul, house vibe. So, I was not at all astonished to hear that he was getting ready to embark upon a journey to fight not only child hunger on the local front but, that he was also extending it worldwide.

Calling Montreal home, where his “Big Journey” will begin, JaBig’s plan is: to drive around the world, DJing in every country, to fight child hunger.

Starting this Sunday, March 27th, 2011 until Wednesday, April 27th, 2011, JaBig will perform over 100 DJ sets of 1hour 30 minutes on average in retail stores and boutiques, clubs, bars and lounges in Montreal’s downtown core and donate 100 percent of his fees to Le Garde-Manger Pour Tous.

Le Garde-Manger Pour Tous is an organization in Montreal that produces 3000 HOT & BALANCED meals/school day for children mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds (this amounts to HALF A MILLION meals every year). In 2010-2011, the organization will proudly celebrate its 25th year of aid!

Born in Rwanda and having grown up in Kenya and South Africa, JaBig has seen first hand the hardships that impoverished children face, especially when unable to concentrate due to a lack of nutrition. His belief is that “…NO human being, especially a child, should go to bed hungry at night because she or he does not have enough to eat. And that includes a child in Montreal, a city in a G8 country!”  According to the United Nations World Food Programme, “to feed 66 million hungry school children it would cost the world just $3.2 billion a year.” How much more is spent on wars?

100 percent legit, JaBig will travel to each country on working visas (DJs/entertainers are required to have them whether charitable or not) as opposed to tourism visas. This Big Journey should take a whopping 5 to 6 Years…well worth it in my opinion!

To show your support for JaBig and his Big Journey, please RSVP “Yes” on the Facebook page. “Attending” simply means that you will be there in spirit and let his sponsors know that he is spreading the word!

For more on JaBig, his detailed appearances as well as his many projects as they unfold, refer to:

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