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Coccolily – MFW 19 – Spring 2011

Sexy, playful and very feminine, Coccolily kept her cheeky, girlie edge without it coming off like an over (or under) styled youth. Bright colors, 60′s silhouettes, geometric cut-outs and lace paneled sheaths were the stand outs in my head!

All photos courtesy of Sebastien Roy

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  1. i was very disappointed by this collection, i am hopping that im not they only one noticing that she is using American apparel and la senza in her show. look at the white body suite the yellow short the tube top and the bra its all not from her.

  2. I think Steph that the use of the undergarments from AA were meant to complement the Coccolily brand just as accessorizing with Norwegian Wood and Thisilk goods. Note the designer did credit the lines that she used to create her show. What do you think of the coquette dresses?

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