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Cluc Couture Fall Winter 2011/12 – MFW 20

Let me start off by saying I was very much looking forward to the Cluc Couture show. After seeing the photos from last season, hearing the positive comments and not having attended last season’s presentation I felt it was time to check out Cluc’s progress in person.

Most of the elements were well executed. An in your face presentation which set the stage for a New World Order regime where clothing is easily interchanged amongst the sexes (down to the footwear). The music was perfect and then there was the collection which I thought was good (but not great).

All photos courtesy of Jimmy Hamelin for Sensation Mode

A mainly black collection with hints of color, the show could have been edited for the less is more effect. Great ideas like pants with straps around legs, assymetric vests,etc; but I would have liked to see some things in better fabrics (leather rather than PVC). Some contrasts were too contrasted and I am not a fan of that large hardware when most are turning towards discrete fastenings. The collection felt too “Goth” at times (which was maybe to appeal to his private clientele of performers who were present).

Highlights: His porcupine coat (Fabulous!), Orange evening gown (beautifully cut, would have liked to see more of this genre), and some men’s shirts with flap details as well as great hats and amazing four finger “knuckle” rings.

Check out our backstage coverage:

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