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Christmukah Giveaway Day 7: Navy Seal Watches

Navy Seals Watch

We had such great feedback on one of our recent stories about Navy Seals Timepieces that we decided to sit down with Creative Director, Harry Chenorhokian, to find out the stuff they don’t put in press releases.

yK: Besides the obvious Navy Seals Special Forces, what inspires the design and detail of Navy Seals watches?

HC4NS: My world travels really do help a lot.   Traveling to Hong Kong and Switzerland on a yearly basis helps make me aware of what people are wearing and what people appreciate buying. MEN tend to lean towards having a few items that help express their uniqueness, much like a purse for women.  SIZE X DESIGN brings a cross between modern day EXPRESSIONS of MAN and Military Fashion.

yK: How much do fashion trends influence the design of Navy Seals watches?

HC4NS: We add to our base collection instead of changing all of our styles. The style restrictions I have put in place are to guarantee a certain identity amongst a unique niche market. Navy Seals is for an adventurous man who also appreciates stylish items without the entire over- accessorized trend.  Fashion trends such as “SIZE MATTERS” play an important role: Show your watch, not its bling!

yK: Do women equally enjoy the Navy Seals appeal as men do?

HC4NS: Women are also following a similar trend with large watches. They are extremely attracted to our sleek black-on-black allure. Our current experience attracts women to purchase this watch for their men, but some have bought it for themselves. I believe in coming years we will see more and more women wearing Navy Seals watches as a fashion statement.

Navy Seal

Navy Seals Watches

yK: What can we expect to see from Navy Seals in the years to come?

HC4NS: We are constantly looking for new ways to generate more interest in our mission. We are a watch company producing great timepieces, for the military and for the fashion-forward person. We hope to see more and more support from blogs, magazines, and some guerrilla marketing, such as contest and giveaways online. We are looking into expanding into clothing and camping equipment. Check out the happenings on our Facebook group Navy Seals Time. In the next 5 years, we are hoping to increase our visibility in Europe, since “US style” is a sought out fashion there. People in France especially love to have something created and designed from North America, so we expect more press and printed advertising to create awareness of our brand. So look out for us Europe!

yK: So can you really tell a lot about a guy from his accessories? And if so, explain.

HC4NS: If you look at famous men in history, they have always expressed themselves. The three points of EXPRESSION for the modern day man are: his shoes, his tie, his watch. You can’t bring a car into a party, but you definitely can bring a watch! A watch can open conversation, show status and fashion sense. We hope to see more savvy consumers collecting these wonderful EXPRESSIONS of MAN…

yK: Name 3 of your favourite brands to wear (all at different price points).

HC4NS: DSQUARED, G-Star, Zara Man

Check out all of the hot styles and the testing center video at Navy Seals Online Home

Navy Seal Watches

Lucky loyal fans of the are eligible for the NAVY SEALS WING COMMANDER that have a retail value of $550.  Now that’s a prize any guy (or the guy in your life) to go crazy for! Just answer the following so-easy-it’s-not-possible question and there’s your chance WIN this incredible watch.

What Navy Seals watch is the namesake of a god of Greek mythology? Click HERE for Navy Seals Online.

Please send in your answers to for your chance to win. Winner of the NAVY SEALS WING COMMANDER will be announced Wednesday, December 16th . Remember, in order to be eligible to win, you must be a member of the Facebook group. If you are not already, click here.

And don’t forget to come back to for 4 more days of Christmukah Giveaways.

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